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Building the beach life in Ghazala Bay

03.06.2022 | Egypt
As part of Egypt’s ongoing developments that are transforming its northern coastline into a series of luxury resorts and destinations, Doka Egypt has been playing a key role in constructing Seashell Playa North Coast, the epitome of what Egypt’s cosmopolitan beach life will have to offer.


Located just over a hundred kilometers to the west of Alexandria and approximately three hundred kilometers to the northwest of Cairo lies the pristine shores of Ghazala Bay; a picture-perfect paradise nestled on the lapping shores of the azure Mediterranean Sea and soon, the location for Seashell Playa North Coast, one of the country’s up and coming resorts designed to attract both investors and holiday makers from across Egypt and beyond.

Comprised of both villas and apartments, the finished resort will offer a wide variety of amenities include a club house, gym, shipping stores, swimming pools, cafes, restaurants and a broad range of family activities.

Working with Rowad Modern Engineering and G-Investment Engineering Joint Venture and its dedicated Project Manager, Wael El Ragaby, Doka Egypt’s team comprised of Mohamed Samaha, Sales Manager, Mostafa Mahmoud, Project Engineer and Badr Abdelfattah, Formwork Instructor. Having successfully complete two projects with Rowad Modern Engineering, Doka’s team was already well versed with the contractor’s approach, and its familiarity with Doka’s products and systems.

With construction getting underway in May 2021, the combination of 3,500m2 of Dokaflex with Top P H20 Beams made an immediate impact to the speed and agility of the project.

“Thanks to the flexibility and prop range of Dokaflex, Doka beam H20 top P and Floor prop Eurex Eco 20 300 we will be able to use the same combination throughout the majority of the project, including using the beams as wall formwork. Thanks to the durability of the H20 beams, plus the superiority of Dokaflex over cuplock at low heights, as well as the easy access to inventory we were able to make great progress from the get-go,” commented Wael El Ragaby. “There had been some concerns over receiving stock, however thanks to Doka Egypt’s existing reserve, material arrived either on time or before being required, which helped to keep the project on schedule.”

As part of the learning curve, Doka’s team, led by Formwork Instructor Badr Abdelfattah completed a series of trainings for site engineers and formwork instructors over a three-week period while remaining present for the erecting and pouring of the first slab.

“Doka’s commitment to ensuring that everything ran smoothly from start to finish was of great support to our site crews and helped to ensure that quality and safety remained paramount throughout the project,”concluded Al Ragaby.

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