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Safety with Doka

07.11.2017 | News
Doka Kuwait strives to improve national safety conditions on site


Doka has launched its latest safety products and systems in Kuwait earlier this year with the aim of highlighting safety awareness across the country's construction sector. With safety systems complementing Doka's formwork equipment, its value stretches far and beyond just protecting the wellbeing of the site staff, but has also been shown to boost productivity and quality. Doka Kuwait introduced both DokaScaff and Safety Net Fan to the country at the beginning of 2017. Since then Doka's safety products can be found on more than 15 projects, not only ensuring the protection of site workers, but also reminding the Kuwaiti construction sector of Doka's commitment to providing the highest quality products and systems while offering extensive value for contractors, consultant and developers. Kuwaiti stakeholders, especially in the Oil & Gas sector, show a growing emphasis on site safety. According to research conducted by Doka, the return on prevention model has a ratio of 2.2:1 meaning for every dollar spent on safety - the value returned to the client is $2.2.

Speaking about the initiative, Gerald Hoermann, Managing Director Doka Kuwait commented;"Doka has held a strong reputation in Kuwait for many years now, which certainly helps when introducing new products and systems to the market. As with many countries in the GCC, a greater emphasis has been placed on safety in Kuwait and it's great that Doka has been able to contribute towards making the industry safer and to strengthen our position as a full solution provider".

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