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Protection screen for unique geometry

07.07.2015 | News
The Mistral Towers in the heart of Turkey, Izmir, stand out for their height and unique geometrical shape. They will contain residences, a hotel, wellness center and an outdoor bazaar, bringing a breath of fresh air to Izmirs' skyline. The floors of one tower don't rise in a linear direction and a specific engineered solution was required for this atypical composition.

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Doka's solution

Doka was the only formwork provider to deliver an engineering solution. One of the two towers with a height of 154 meters needed a specific solution, that was not only fast and economical for the client Miray Construction, but also considered a high aspect of safety for workers on site.

Doka proposed a unique "hydraulic rotating" protection screen solution that considered the 1,2° rotation of the slabs per floor. Compared to a traditional solution where the screens climb up straight, Doka provided a optimised solution where the screens follow the building structure and consider the unique geometrical shape. The Doka Protection Screen Xclimb 60 wind and safety panels were positioned in a way to adapt to the building standard rotation axis, so the gap between the building and the screens where kept as small as possible. At floor 8,18,28 and 33 where the rotation direction is changing, the simple built screen panels change their climbing direction as well, to keep a full enclosure and high safety during the whole construction period. The changing of the climbing direction happens hydraulically without the use of the tower crane and is enabled by an innovative 2-way adjustable floor support.

Doka Turkey provided 32 pieces standard Xclimb 60 brackets for the screens, 4 pieces of standard Xclimb 60 brackets for the loading decks and fully hydraulic climbing inclusive hydraulic rotation mechanism. The Protection screen and its unique rotation mechanism were designed and developed in Competence Center High Rise by the use of 3D engineering to fulfill customers demands and to step into a new generation of Doka Protection screens at twisting towers.

This 40 story skyscraper in Izmir is an architectural masterpiece and expected to be completed in 2016.

Christian Neumann, System manager Xclimb 60 & Competence Center High Rise:
"A close collaboration between Doka Turkey, Competence Center High Rise and the client allowed to create such an impressive, technical solution that completely fulfilled the client's requirements."

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