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Twin Towers Qatar: double impact on Doka climbing tasks

10.10.2012 | News
In recent years, Doha, the capital city of Qatar, has seen many spectacular new skyscrapers rise above its ‘West Bay’ business district. Currently under construction, the Twin Towers will add another showcase project to the already striking skyline of this city. Following completion, the two 185 m towers will house a luxury hotel and offices on 48 floors. Having supplied its Automatic climbing formwork SKE50, Climbing formwork MF240, Large-area formwork Top 50 and Load-bearing tower Staxo 40 systems, Doka is playing a key role as comprehensive solutions provider to ensure fast, safe construction progress on the Twin Towers.


  • The automatic climbing system SKE50, crane-jumped formwork MF240, Large-area formwork Top 50, the floor-slab system Dokaflex 1-2-4, Framax Xlife column formwork and Load-bearing tower Staxo 40 are all in use on these construction operations.
  • The Twin Towers are rising skyward to their final height of 185 m above Doha, Qatar. They will house a luxury hotel and offices.
The contractor, Arabtec Construction LLC, a leading construction group headquartered in the United Arab Emirates with major ongoing projects across the GCC region, is building two 185 m skyscrapers in the brand-new business district of West Bay in Doha. The two towers will each house offices and hotel rooms on 48 storeys, complete with three podium levels of multi-storey parking space and two basement levels. Work began in 2010 and is scheduled to take 30 months.

Keeping pace with SKE50

Doka climbing formwork SKE50 is setting the pace on the building of the two CIP concrete cores. Both cores are being climbed ahead of the floor-slabs using a total of 94 automatic climbers SKE50 and 1800 m² of Large-area formwork Top 50. The modular design concept of this crane-independent automatic climbing formwork system allows efficient and cost-saving formwork solutions for every type of structure. The climbing scaffolds come with completely railed-in working platforms and are anchored to the concrete at all times – ensuring the greatest safety for the site crew even in high wind conditions. Live loads can be left in place on the platforms while the system is being climbed, so high-speed working is guaranteed. Arabtec Project Manager Mohammed Ali Nada is very satisfied with the construction progress: “Our collaboration with Doka Qatar has gone very smoothly, both in the planning stage and during the build itself. The economical formwork systems that we have in service here are easy to handle and are crucial in helping us to work more effectively and save time.”

Plenty of space for safe working

To form the stiffening shear walls at the slab-edges, Doka supplied its Large-area formwork Top 50. This versatile system, nearly 830 m2 of which is in use on each casting section, adapts readily to the changing structure geometry. The 2.40 m wide platforms of the crane-jumped formwork system MF240, also in use here, provide ample room for safe working. The versatile Dokaflex 1-2-4 floor-slab system is being used for the typical storey floors, while the high slab supports needed in the podium zone are being provided by Load-bearing towers Staxo 40. This weight-optimised load-bearing tower system is engineered for high user ergonomy, enabling fast assembly and dismantling times while ensuring high workplace safety. In this way, Staxo 40 makes a crucial contribution towards greater efficiency in the construction workflow. Says Mohammed Ali Nada: “The Doka team displayed precise technical knowledge, right from the very beginning of the planning stage. My team has benefited hugely from this formwork know-how, from Doka’s on-time deliveries, and from the fact that its climbing systems and timber-beam formwork systems are so safe to use. The after-sales services were first-class as well.”

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