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Climbing formwork MF240

The crane-jumped formwork for structures of any shape and height

Climbing formwork MF240 permits controlled, regular working cycles on all structures such as high-rises, bridge piers and pylons. The system is simple to operate, copes with wall inclinations of up to 15 degrees and can be dimensioned to many different requirements over a wide applicational range.


Safe working conditions
in all phases of the work 

  • safe working conditions provided by fully railed-in 2.40 m wide working platform
  • formwork can be rolled back 0.75 m, leaving plenty of space for the forming and reinforcing operations
  • safe up-and-down access between platforms provided by integrable ladder system

Easy to handle
saving time and resources 

  • the integrated travelling units allow the formwork to be closed and opened quickly with no need for a crane
  • less crane-time needed, as the climbing scaffold and formwork are moved up as a single unit
  • the formwork can be plumbed and aligned very quickly and accurately in all directions, with a simple adjustment mechanism

achieved by versatile modular system 

  • universal system concept permits adaptation to any shape of structure
  • adjustable brackets also allow use on walls with varying inclinations
  • small number of suspension points, thanks to the brackets' high load-bearing capacity


Climbing formwork MF240

The formwork and climbing scaffold are linked together as a single unit which can be repositioned in just one crane-lift. On structures with straight walls, Climbing formwork MF 240 permits casting sections that are up to 6 m high.

Climbing formwork MF240 gets structures up to form

Even very complex structural shapes can be constructed using Climbing formwork MF240. Thanks to its practical constructional design, Climbing formwork MF240 can be adapted to highly diverse requirements, easily and very flexibly.


Safe working conditions

Stringent requirements regarding workplace safety call for outstandingly good formwork. The 2.40 m wide platforms on Climbing formwork MF240 provide plenty of space for fast, safe working and make a fully railed-in platform system.

In service worldwide. With worldwide success.

Based on Doka's decades-long experience of widely differing construction tasks, in many different countries, Climbing formwork MF240 is the crane-jumped solution that covers the entire architectural spectrum.