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Climbing Systems

Doka’s modular system, based on its decades-long experience of widely differing construction tasks, means that it can deliver the right climbing technology solution across the entire architectural spectrum. For both crane-lifted and crane-independent solutions, the principle is always the same: a high standard of safety, combined with high cost effectiveness and easy, safe handling. The right Doka solution is a key factor in obtaining a fast construction workflow.

  • Automatic climbing formwork SKE plus

    Automatic climbing formwork SKE plus

    Climbing systems

    With its modular design concept, the crane-independent Automatic climbing formwork SKE plus provides an efficient solution for every type of structure. The all-round enclosure makes for safe, weather-shielded working at any height. With its all-hydraulic equipment, a large number of climbing units can be repositioned at the same time.

  • Platform SCP

    Platform SCP

    Climbing systems

    The Platform SCP has room for all the site equipment needed, and is enclosed on all sides for safe, weather-shielded working, even at great heights. Powerful hydraulic cylinders cranelessly raise the platform, formwork, equipment containers and concrete placing boom to the next casting section, in only one lift.

  • Automatic climbing formwork Xclimb 60

    Automatic climbing formwork Xclimb 60

    Climbing systems

    Automatic climbing formwork Xclimb 60 is a hydraulically climbed system that can also be quickly raised by crane if sufficient craneage is available. Because it is guided on the structure at all times, the system can still be climbed even in windy conditions.

  • Guided climbing formwork Xclimb 60

    Guided climbing formwork Xclimb 60

    Climbing systems

    The Guided climbing formwork Xclimb 60 is a system that is guided on vertical profiles fixed to the structure, even during repositioning. The entire climbing unit is safely and easily repositioned in a single crane cycle, even during high winds.

  • Climbing formwork MF240

    Climbing formwork MF240

    Climbing systems

    Climbing formwork MF240 permits controlled, regular working cycles on all structures such as high-rises, bridge piers and pylons. The system is simple to operate, copes with wall inclinations of up to 15 degrees and can be dimensioned to many different requirements over a wide applicational range.

  • Shaft platform

    Shaft platform

    Climbing systems

    The shaft platform plus shaft formwork are quick and easy to reposition, in just one crane cycle.

  • Dam formwork

    Dam formwork

    Climbing systems

    Dam formwork is used for forming one-sided construction projects, such as dams, barrages, river power stations or pylons without formwork ties. The climbing tower will transfer all pouring loads into the previous pouring section. Different system variants D12, D15, D22 and D35 facilitate economic adaptation to various project-specific block dimensions.

  • Cooling tower formwork SK175

    Cooling tower formwork SK175

    Climbing systems

    This cooling-tower formwork is a fully mechanised, self-climbing large-area formwork system. It maximises rationalisation and minimises manual labour – after a short familiarisation period, the crew will soon be accomplishing the casting sections in a 1-day cycle.

  • Climbing formwork K

    Climbing formwork K

    Climbing systems

    The climbing formwork system for structures that need the formwork elements to be moved up in several casting sections. With only two accessories, the Folding platform K can be turned into a fully functional crane-jumped formwork directly on the site.

  • Climbing formwork 150F

    Climbing formwork 150F

    Climbing systems

    Climbing formwork 150F is a tried-and-tested system for crane-lifted climbing projects. It is simply to set up and easy to use.

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