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United Arab Emirates
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Climbing formwork 150F

The crane-jumped formwork for vertical-walled structures

Climbing formwork 150F is a tried-and-tested system for crane-lifted climbing projects. It is simply to set up and easy to use.


Safe working conditions

in all phases of the work 

  • safe working conditions provided by fully railed-in 1.65 m wide working platform
  • formwork can be rolled back 0.70 m, leaving plenty of space for the forming and reinforcing operations
  • safe up-and-down access between platforms provided by integrable ladder system

Easy to handle

saving time and resources 

  • the integrated scissor-action spindles allow the formwork to be closed and opened quickly with no need for a crane
  • less crane-time needed, as the climbing scaffold and formwork are moved up as a single unit
  • simple adjustment options for precise horizontal and vertical alignment of the formwork

Highly cost-efficient

thanks to its straightforward modular system 

  • the system's specially co-ordinated components make it ideal for construction projects with vertical walls
  • small number of suspension points, thanks to the brackets' high load-bearing capacity
  • can be quickly readied for use as there is only a small number of – pre-assembled – components

The system's fully railed-in working platforms and integrable ladder system ensure the necessary safety for working at lofty heights.