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The end of paper!

Doka Amstetten is achieving in practice what was earlier thought to be unimaginable. There was great enthusiasm as they discovered and appreciated the advantages of paperless manufacturing. If an appropriate device is used, digitalisation brings very important advantages, especially in production. Everything is right up to date – with just a couple of clicks.

A number of factors combined have prompted the move to paperless production. Over recent years enquiries for customised products have increased. In addition to this, Doka is on the path to global expansion. Both these have resulted in a sharp rise in more complex and a greater variety of parts in production. Demands to achieve greater flexibility and to maximise efficiency in the manufacturing process have grown louder. Managers have taken note of these.

In 2021, a start was made to change over and process work orders completely using a new digital solution. After tests in two production units were successful, the rollout for the project was started in other areas of production. The move towards paperless production has created even greater advantages for Doka in everyday production. Digitalisation helps to optimise processes more extensively. Our employees are also delighted, as many tasks are now simpler, clearer and more flexible.

Martin Huber

Martin Huber I Director Production Logistics and Technology

“Through the digitalisation of manufacturing plans and wage slips, we save around 2.5 tonnes of paper a year and cut out the need to transport printouts of plans and production drawings from our factory in Amstetten to the factory in St. Martin.”

Faster! Our colleagues in production are impressed by the speed with which they can exchange information and data. The secret of this success is single point of information. And that saves valuable time. Because work orders arrive digitally, employees receive all the documents they need on their device and therefore have access to the relevant information . With this in mind, 90 industrial tablets, 24 touchscreen monitors (24 inch) and 11 large-screen displays have been installed in production.

More efficient! Planning and programming the machines for the Framax finish welding system and for powder coating has been digitised by deploying PLM software (Product Lifecycle Management). Thanks to a virtual 3D twin of the system, simulations are possible with the new system. A quantum leap for manufacturing! Shorter running-in time, fewer scrap parts and faster production of better parts. In addition to this, outages of up to 8,000 hours a year are reduced, because the software allows parallel operation of production and planning.

Together we drive momentum

As part of the Umdasch Group, we at Doka aim to not only be economically successful, but also fulfill our ecological and social responsibilities as well as our responsibility as an employer. Therefore, we regularly set impulses within and outside our company and drive international initiatives that make our common working and living environment more sustainable.

Lower costs and more sustainable! Doka saves around 2.5 tonnes of paper a year through digitalisation and reduces the transport that this has required to date/ For the first time, during the project Doka gave all industrial employees a licence and a personal user account to access the IT system environment. Apart from giving them the option of communicating with colleagues digitally, these individual user accounts also provide the basis for authentication to access various systems. This satisfied the important basic prerequisite for Doka's far-reaching digitalisation strategy, which will in future make it possible to collaborate in a completely new way.

Andreas Permoser

Andreas Permoser I Operational Technology Group Leader

“By going paperless, we are starting an initiative in production that benefits the environment and sustainability. Digitalisation of work orders does not only save paper: it also reduces all the things associated with it such as toner and transport costs.”

Doka and Umdasch Group are committed to sustainable development.
This is why we subscribe to initiatives that are aligned with the United Nations’ “Sustainable Development Goals”.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action

    A career abroad? Yes!

    Three months’ work experience in the USA changed her life. For the Hungarian Yard Manager, too, Doka was the gateway to the world. A third was in the Ivory Coast for his project.

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    An excellent combination of work and family life

    Satisfied employees offer tremendous potential! Doka does its bit to create happy families with Umdasch Nest. At our Amstetten site the little ones are well looked after in our company’s own crèche, including in the years before they are old enough for the kindergarten.

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    A deliciously cool start to the employee engagement survey

    Employee Survey

    Improvements depend on honest feedback. This is why the Umdasch Group introduced a global engagement survey so that all employees have an opportunity to make their views known.

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    Responsibility is part of the deal for the Umdasch Group

    The Umdasch Group has set itself the goal of linking knowledge, business and values and thus fulfilling the responsibility that both the Umdasch Group and its companies have to society.

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    Step by step to more fitness!

    Sports not only have an immense impact on your health, they also have a positive effect on well-being. Doka Saudi Arabia has acknowledged this and launched a three-month fitness challenge.

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    Doka brings self-directed development into the Spotlight

    Doka and the Umdasch Group have set themselves the target to support employees in our complex and fast-moving world of work in the best way we can to achieve flexible and needs-based development that is useful for them. The route we have chosen is tailored learning offers for independent development.

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    New land with NEULANDT

    NEULANDT’s portable precast plant N3P is on its first mission to Abidjan on the Ivory Coast. N3P allows for the industrial production of precast elements directly on the construction site. This creates added value at a local level and high process efficiency. The results are sustainable, affordable living spaces, as well as a better social infrastructure.

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    Powder coating 4.0

    The cutting-edge powder-coating system has been in operation near the Amstetten headquarters since 2021. What can such a system achieve? Every single step of production can be optimised for sustainability, using the latest robot technology, digitalisation, automation and state-of-the-art technology. It protects the environment and people.

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    Seven Climate Rangers show the way

    Seven Doka employees completed the Climate Ranger Academy to develop their knowledge on climate protection and mainstream this knowledge within Doka's business environment. This is because transformation will only be successful if sustainability is reflected in the strategy, the business’s own core processes and in its everyday processes.

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    Sustainability wins prizes

    What is the idea behind the Umdasch Group’s Sustainability Prize? It is to promote projects that work towards a sustainability strategy and these projects are within the company itself. What started in 2020 is now an annual event. Employees are very enthusiastic and motivated.

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    A green light for green energy

    Over 10,000 sq.m. of solar panels will have been installed on the roofs of buildings in Amstetten, St. Georgen and St. Martin by the end of 2023. Thus around 9% of electricity required each year at the Amstetten site can be covered with solar power.

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    A clever move!

    Doka’s transport logistics in Amstetten are attracting attention with their strong, sustainable focus on expanding intermodal traffic. Consignments are transported in combination with railways. More and more Doka countries are joining.

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    Doka Sweden’s vehicles are going green

    Doka Sweden’s trucks are producing 80–90% fewer greenhouse gases by using a different sort of green fuel. HVO100 fuel is leading the way in the sustainability stakes, as it is primarily made of waste fats such as cooling oils or animal fat.

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    Carbon footprint for around 7,000 products

    From the procurement of raw material and production through to delivery to distribution centres and branches worldwide, use on construction sites, repair and cleaning and, finally, the recovery and recycling phase of the product. Around 7,000 products have been examined right down to the last detail. Or, to be more accurate, to calculate their carbon footprint.

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    Keeping an eye on the Corporate Carbon Footprint

    You need to know the amount, if you are going to reduce it. Doka sets a good example and actively provides transparent reports on the Corporate Carbon Footprint, company-wide reduction targets and measures to consistently reduce emissions. Furthermore, it also explains why the carbon footprint has the potential to be a new currency.

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    The end of paper!

    Doka Amstetten is achieving in practice what was earlier thought to be unimaginable. There was great enthusiasm as they discovered and appreciated the advantages of paperless manufacturing. If an appropriate device is used, digitalisation brings very important advantages, especially in production. Everything is right up to date – with just a couple of clicks.

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