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A grand expansion

13.03.2017 | News
Located in Abu Dhabi, Doka has been working on the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, a facility that will increase the area of the existing Holy site to include a visitors’ centre and commercial establishment.
Completed on 20th December 2007, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest place of worship in the United Arab Emirates. Named after the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan as a way of honouring his legacy as the founding father of the nation, the mosque itself is capable of hosting more than 41,000 people at any given time and was completed at a cost of just over half a billion dollars. Included in the mosque‘s design is a 17,000m2 courtyard that features a floral design and is considered to be the largest marble mosaic in the world.


  • Mohamad Majed, Operations Manager, Masri Engineering and Contracting
Plans were drawn up to develop a visitors’ centre and commercial facility that would be sympathetic to the existing architecture while providing functional facilities that would enhance the overall experience.
In order to cause minimum disruption, the project was designed to be one level of slab (basement to ground floor), with a built-up area of almost 60,000m2 and a floor-to-floor height over 6.15 metres. With this in mind, Doka provided a solution combining its Doka flex table using Eurex 20 top 550 props and D3 tables for beams.

The Dokaflex tables were implemented in order to provide greater flexibility in terms of height adjustment, which was necessary during movement to the next casting site, while the D3 tables, which were integrated with a beam side shutter and quick release pin, meant that the client was able to save both time and money by minimizing manpower that would ordinarily be needed for re-installation and refabricating.
While time is always an important factor on construction projects, delays during the early phase had meant that the Doka team had to deliver above and beyond expectation in order meet the demands of the client.

With some of the earlier delays affecting the supply of materials, Doka’s resources and highly flexible logistics, technical and operations teams meant that materials were made available, despite the commissioning quantity tripling due to the acceleration of the construction process.
The construction process was further expedited thanks to an on-site assembly area, which was accompanied by our formwork instructors who were able to supervise the process and ensure any ad hoc requirements were implemented correctly, preventing any further loss of time.

With an expected handover date set for Q3 2017, the construction of the visitors‘ center and plaza at one of the United Arab Emirates’ most iconic sites was not only an honour for Doka to work on, but also a textbook example of how a combination of attention to detail, flexibility, diligence and hard work can support our clients while delivering results.

The Professional
“We chose Doka because of its ability to deliver systems and services on schedule, while providing full technical support throughout. Given the significance of this project, Doka's efficiency has enabled us to remain on time and on budget.”

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