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Foldable Xclimb protection screen kepps busy Toronto area safe during construction of luxury hotel

04.04.2011 | Press
Displaying modern opulence in the midst of the business district, the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto will offer lavish accommodations for discerning guests. The 200-room extravagant hotel will occupy the first 17 floors of this development while luxury condominium residences will be located on the upper levels of the 65-story tower.

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To keep the work area safe and protected from any weather, a foldable Xclimb 60 protection screen is used. Just as important, the screen protects the people in the busy Toronto area from falling debris from the work site. The protection screen is wrapped around the entire perimeter of the building for four levels, and will climb up the 65 stories with hydraulics, no crane is needed. The top part of the screen was designed to fold down, which makes resetting of the slab formwork easier. The hinged top part of the protection screen is a big safety advantage in all stages of the project since the slab edges are protected with the screen as soon as the hinged part is set back in place after lifting up the slab formwork.

In addition to the protection, Doka engineering designed loading platforms built into the screens to allow storage for the vertical formwork close to where the actual work is happening to reduce crane time.

The major challenges are the changes on the slab edges. In the building’s design, the outside perimeter of the east side changes at every level. The edge of the building waves in and out irregularly. Then, starting on level 50, the slab edge in the center of the west side steps in and out every other level, approximately 5,800 mm.

Doka provided Framax wall formwork for the building core, stair cores, shear walls and columns.
The contractor, Hardwall Construction Ltd., was pleased that Doka provided a complete protection screen solution, which can take the changes in the building, is able to hinge down and has loading platforms all the way around the building.

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