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Onwards and upwards with spiral car-park ramps

16.09.2011 | Press
Since the huge BBI airport project got underway, Doka has supplied the wall and floor-slab formwork for very many contract sections – to keep work moving ahead swiftly and safely.

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  • With the Load-bearing tower Staxo 40, the inclination of the formwork for the spiral car-park ramps can be adjusted with last-millimetre precision
  • The Staxo 40 bracket makes it possible to create safe cantilevering access routes along the edges of the slabs
At present, 3 multi-storey car parks are under construction. They are either 144 m or 163 m long and 51 m wide, and will have space for a total of more than 8000 vehicles on 8 levels. Vehicle access will be via ascending and descending spiral ramps with an inside diameter of 8.50 m. This is quite a challenge in terms of the formwork engineering involved: Firstly, because of the complex ramp geometry with gradients of up to 14.3 %. And secondly, because all the visible underfaces, parapets and columns have to be cast in fair-faced concrete of Category FFC 2.

Tight build-time means large formwork quantities

For the formwork, the contracting JV ‘BBI Parken APC’ is relying firmly on Doka. They are shoring the circular ramps with the ergonomically engineered Load-bearing tower Staxo 40. For the parapets and columns, the Ready-to-Use Service at the Berlin Branch preassembled very precisely curved formwork elements.

With only nine months allowed for construction, work is in progress on all six spiral car-park ramps simultaneously. To be more independent of the concrete’s strength development, and thus to speed up the construction workflow, two levels of each spiral ramp at any one time are shored with Staxo 40 towers. As a result, more than 800 load-bearing tower frames are in service here.

Staxo 40 is a particularly cost-effective shoring system on this site: Its lightweight H-frames are ergonomically optimised, making them very easy indeed to handle. Their load capacity of 45 kN per leg is economically optimised for towerframe superstructures that use H20 double primary beams. And the system’s practical accessories make it a true all-rounder. For example, the 70 cm long screw-jack feet allow the inclination of the towerframe superstructure to be adjusted with millimetre precision, even when still under load. Cantilevering brackets permit optimum safeguarding of slab-edges – and when combined with extra support, even serve to transfer concrete loads.

Foreman Andreas Lorenz is delighted with it: "Working with Staxo 40 is great. You don’t have to spend ages explaining everything – you can just get started right away.”

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