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Single-side-operable form-ties needing no investment in new framed formwork

13.09.2011 | Press
Only just over a year after the technical prototype was unveiled at bauma 2010, the single-side-operable form-tying system Monotec is now ready for series production and available for retrofitting to Doka framed formwork Framax Xlife.


  • Particularly with shaft formwork and when space is limited, the single-side-operable Monotec tying system can play out its strengths to the full
  • Simply pressing one yellow ‘Monotec sealing plug Framax’ into each tie-hole on the Framax panel is all it takes to refit the panel ready for the single-side-operable Monotec tying system
  • Managing Director Jan Karstens (centre) from building firm Heinrich Karstens GmbH & Co.KG of Kiel was ceremonially presented with the first series-production Monotec tie by Doka Executive Manager Harald Ziebula
The biggest difference to other formwork systems on the market that offer single-side tying is that Monotec is retrofittable. Framax formwork elements with oval tie-holes can be prepared for use with the single-sided Monotec form-tie simply by pressing one yellow ‘Monotec sealing plug Framax’ into each tie-hole. At the same time, there is still always the option of tying ‘conventionally’ with jacket tubes.

Existing formwork can be upgraded

With no need to invest in a brand-new framed formwork system, Framax users can enjoy the well-known advantages of single-side-operable form-ties: Eliminating the need for a second man to help install the form-ties; particularly attractive on shaft formwork and where space is limited; savings on materials and time for fitting jacket tubes; fewer intermediate platforms needed on tall holding formworks.

On Framax standard panels, this is achieved by using the Monotec combination nut. It replaces the Framax quick-acting clamp RU with a combination of a panel connector and a form-tie nut. When the holding-formwork panels are linked, then, these panel links double as the holding fixtures for the Monotec ties. On extra-large panels that need tying through profiles other than the outer surround-frame, the Monotec form-tie nut 15.0 Framax is simply fitted over the tie-holes of the holding formwork.

Easy-to-handle Monotec ties

The Monotec ties 15.0 themselves are taper-shaped and chrome-plated, making it easy to unscrew them from the tie-hole during formwork removal. To set the desired wall thickness, an adjusting ring is used that can be fixed in different positions – quickly and accurately, in 1 cm increments. Two different lengths of tie cover the 15 - 30 cm and 25 - 40 cm wall-thickness ranges.

The tying system is operated with the Monotec ratchet – which is kind both to the equipment and to user’s ears. With the Monotec joint plate, the system also works reliably on closures, corners, T junctions and wall junctions. It is particularly efficient on shaft formwork in conjunction with the Framax stripping corner I. Once the system has been fitted, shafts can be closed and struck, and repositioned, in a very short time, without ever requiring anyone to climb inside.

Due to the conical, tapered shape of the ties, the diameter of the finished tie-holes in the concrete depends upon the wall thickness. Despite this, the manufacturer has devised one single plug that covers all possible diameters, so no time is wasted searching for the right size of plug.

Enthusiastic pioneer user

The Hasreiter building firm from Eichendorf in Lower Bavaria is an ‘early adopter’, having field-trialled the Monotec tying system on its own fleet of Framax equipment. What particularly convinced them was the big time-savings resulting from the system being so much easier to handle.

According to the manufacturer, it has had advance orders for the Monotec single-side-operable form-tying system on its books ever since bauma 2010. At Doka’s bauma expo stand, construction firm Heinrich Karstens GmbH & Co.KG from Kiel had decided there and then to go for this innovative formwork system, before it was even launched. Recently, Managing Director Jan Karstens was ceremonially presented with the first series-production Monotec tie.

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