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New Alamein City

Northern Egypt

Nestled on the Mediterranean coast, the New Alamein City will represent a new dawn for Egypt’s international tourism, local residences and archaeological communities.

Covering over 50,000 acres and stretching 60 kilometres into the desert, New Alamein has been dubbed a fourth-generation city. Designed to provide three key functions, namely tourism along the Mediterranean Sea, residences for the local population towards the Alexandria-Matrouh International Road and an archaeological site near the Alamein Cemetery, the new city will eventually have capacity for up to three million residents.

Working under the joint venture of HAC – CCC, Doka Egypt was contracted to provide a comprehensive formwork solution for the first four towers to be erected, known as the Coastal Towers LD00. The solution, which included complete design and shop material as well as a team of formwork instructors for the first six months, commenced in June 2018 and ended up using a mixture of new and reconditioned systems that were originally used over a decade ago. While there were some missing spare parts, the client was pleased to see the systems still worked with 100% efficiency.

Reaching 33, 29, 30 and 26 floors respectively, the solution required large volumes of formwork including 14,500m2 of Dokaflex 20, 611 linear metres of Protection Screen Xclimb 60, 69 sets of Large-area formwork Top 50 for columns, 2,650m2 of Large-area formwork Top 50 for the core walls and 550m2of Framed formwork Frami Xlife.

The client was highly satisfied with the work and particularly that the old stock worked so well. Speaking on behalf of Doka Egypt, managing director Mohamed Aiesh said, “Having worked with the client before, we were pleased to reunite on this project, particularly one which will provide so much benefit for Egypt’s socioeconomic development. While the project is still in progress we anticipate handing over our part of the project shortly, with the first residences being scheduled for handover in the next year.”

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New Alamein City

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39, 35, 38 and 34 floors