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Pro­tection screen Xclimb 60

The variable enclosure for all high-rise projects

The Pro­tection screen Xclimb 60 lets you carry out construction work in the top building-levels of high-rise projects in great safety, and protected from the weather. Pro­tection screen Xclimb 60 is a hydraulically climbed system that can also be quickly repositioned by crane if sufficient craneage is available. Because it is structure-guided at all times, it can be operated even in windy conditions. The system comes in several versions, giving you the ideal solution for every requirement.


Safe working conditions
at any structure height 

  • gapless enclosure protects your site-crew from fall hazards, wind and weather
  • safe repositioning, even in windy conditions, as the system is structure-guided at all times
  • pro­tection against items being dropped is ensured by horizontal and vertical sealing – even during the lifting operation

suitable for all shapes and heights of structure 

  • can be adapted to any shape of layout, thanks to its intelligent modular system
  • adjustable floor supports permit use on facades with both varying and constant inclinations
  • working platforms can be relocated to accommodate non-constant storey heights

Boost productivity
and cut costs 

  • higher productivity, from an enhanced feeling of safety
  • greater independence in the construction sequence, as climbing operations can also take place when the formwork is still in place beneath the slabs
  • certainty regarding costs, when the pro­tection screen is pre-assembled by Doka
  • mobile hydraulic system saves on craneage



Pro­tection screen Xclimb 60 with Framed enclosure Xbright

The Framed enclosure Xbright is a fully rentable protection-screen system that can be fitted with either a translucent but wind-impermeable and non-see-through polycarbonate inlay, or with a mesh inlay. The large framed panels, and the simple method for connecting these together, keep site-erection times short.

Design variant with polycarbonate inlay

  • translucent
  • wind-impermeable
  • non-see-through

Design variant with mesh inlay

  • translucent
  • wind-permeable

All-round safety

The translucent polycarbonate inlay provide natural lighting of the enclosed work-deck levels across the whole area of the enclosure. What is more, it is wind-impermeable and non-see-through, which gives the site crew a much greater feeling of safety and so boosts their productivity.

Pro­tection screen Xclimb 60 with trapezoidal metal sheet enclosure

The combination of Xclimb 60 and a trapezoidal metal sheet enclosure is also a tried-and-tested safety solution on difficult structure geometries. The protection screen can be dimensioned very flexibly, permitting last-centimetre adjustment to any shape of layout. All gaps are closed off to prevent any tools or other small items being dropped, which increases the standard of safety still further.

Design variant with trapezoidal metal sheet

  • wind-impermeable
  • non-see-through

Design variant with perforated trapezoidal sheet

  • translucent
  • wind-permeable

Table Lifting System TLS – the ideal add-on for all Doka pro­tection screens

The Table Lifting System TLS is the safe way to reposition floor-slab formwork, tools and other equipment with no need for a crane. The TLS can be used not only as a variant that is suspended from the structure, but also as a self-climbed system, and can easily be integrated into the Doka protection screens.