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Miami World Center
Block G East Tower

Miami, Florida

Protection screen

Miami Worldcenter is one of the largest private master-planned projects in the United States, featuring a diversity of urban land use, including retail, hospitality, and residential space. Located in the core of downtown Miami, the 10-block, mixed-use development is situated immediately north of the Central Business District and is surrounded by world-class amenities and boasts convenient access to transportation. Block G East tower is a 42-story, 700+ft. tall complex that will feature 470 residences with a full suite of amenities, including a pool deck overlooking downtown, a fitness center, covered garage parking and concierge service. It is targeted at bringing more affordable living to Downtown’s Park West neighborhood.


  • Single site crane
  • Fast-track construction schedule


  • Pre-assembled Top 50 Walls forms
  • Pre-assembled Platforms for all Super Climber working areas
  • Pre-assembled Protection Screens for Perimeter Enclosuer
  • All climbs simultaneously including the pump speeding up the process of cycling times with minimal manpower
  • With a single crane on the jobsite and a tight schedule, the contractor decided to use the SCP on the main core and take it ahead and therefore eliminating the vertical portion from the critical path of the schedule. The center core has dimension of 33'-10" x 58'-6" and was fully enclossed in X-Bright protection screen, allowing the workers to be fully enclosed, safely working and maximizing productivity. Provisions were made to allow the pre-cast stairs to be flown in to the interior working core and suspended form the working platform in order to minimize crane time while placing them into the respective locations

Why was Doka selected as the formwork supplier?

  • After previously success with the Super Climber SCP system, M.C. Velar once again chose it to maximise production while minimizing labor
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Project data

Miami, Florida
GC/Concrete Contractor
M.C. Velar Construction
Cohen & Friedman
CIM Group of Los Angeles and the Falcone Group

Building data

Type of structure
Reinforced Concrete Tower
Cycle time
4 day cycle
Sq. Ft.
12,000 sq. ft. per floor on typical floors