5 life hacks for concrete monitoring of the future

Fast, safe and efficient: Achieve perfect
concrete quality with Concremote

The road to trouble-free building site management in times of increasing technical specifications, personnel shortages, and materials bottlenecks is not always easy. We show you five essential life hacks that make the working day on the construction site considerably easier.

Concremote: sensors with intelligence

Especially when it's a matter of concrete’s correct temperature and strength development, precise planning can avoid a lot of unnecessary setting time. How nice that Concremote is a tool that gives you the most highly efficient timing in straightforward cycles. Intelligent sensors measure the temperature and automatically calculate the compressive strength – the perfect time for stripping is transmitted directly to the smartphone or tablet. And when it’s a matter of safety, Concremote supplies solid data that guarantee that all documentation requirements are met.

Life Hack #1

Focus on temperature

Concrete is solid. That much is clear. But even the most reliable material reaches its limits if it is not made according to predefined specifications. The thermally-induced formation of cracks in the concrete can be avoided with continuous temperature monitoring. You even have the option of automatically operating the heating and cooling equipment.

But where are the smart sensors actually hidden? Slab sensors and cable sensors as well as measuring cables and wall sensing elements all supply data to the system providing information on the temperature gradients in the mass concrete. In this way you can not only adhere to and monitor the limit values – compliance with the limit values also increases the service life of mass concrete structures.

Life Hack #2

Performance is everything

As everybody knows: in life, you never stop learning. Concremote is a straight “A” student in applying the effects of previous data: Up to three scenarios can be viewed and compared on a tablet at the same time based on average temperature or earlier measurements. Comparing different calibrations in this way provides information on the proportionality of the concrete’s performance compared to cost.

The realisation of the multi-function building complex Kavel 1N2 in Amsterdam shows just how well this approach works. With Concremote, not only personnel costs were saved through the use of wireless measuring - the building costs were also reduced due to a notably earlier stripping time. Why are these data not only highly valuable for future projects, but also for the future as such? It's quite simple: a reduced CO2 footprint in combination with green concrete is essential precisely when constructing sustainable buildings. Concremote is a tried and true method that provides a reliable basis for determining the right type of concrete for a project.

Life Hack #3

Digital all-rounder

Digitalisation helps organise the working day on the construction site more efficiently. In the case of Concremote, not only is the technology built on a solid foundation, the sensors and calibration boxes are also long-lasting and high-precision devices that supply all essential data – without wires and in real-time – to exactly where they are needed.

By the way, wireless measurements and data transfers save personnel costs as well: While comprehensive and often manual recordings were necessary in the past, Concremote’s digital sensors now supply all data directly to the web portal, app or smartwatch easily and without complications. It's also reassuring to know that everything has been securely recorded and documented.

Life Hack #4

Timing is everything

Post-tensioning, stripping and climbing: who does what – and most importantly – when. You need to have comprehensive knowledge about the individual processes to ensure that the interplay of the different working stages on the construction site runs smoothly.

Concremote supplies just this knowledge: Through collaborative access to the web portal, everyone can not only see when the earliest stripping time is reached – everyone will also be able to clearly see how to plan the time frame of the work stages before and after the formwork has been erected. Though, of course, you cannot just lean back drinking tea in the meantime, but you can already look forward to reduced construction times and increased cost efficiency.

Life Hack #5

Consistent colour quality

Even in cases where, next to the quality of the concrete, its appearance is becoming more and more important, Concremote can fully demonstrate its advantages.

The comprehensive data on temperature and strength development also provides the base for a perfect surface. Improved concrete quality also increases the probability of achieving similar colour quality on fair-faced concrete surfaces and high-quality edges.