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Concrete Intelligence. Real-time.

Concremote uses digital sensors to measure the insitu concrete maturity (temperature x time) gradient and with this data it calibrates early age strength. Think construction processes forward and boost your productivity.


Save time


Increase safety


Enhance concrete quality


Reduce costs

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When is the earliest possible
stripping time?

As soon as the concrete reaches your predefi ned target value, Concremote will automatically notify you in real-time by text message or email. So you can instantly get going on your next construction steps, saving you time and costs on your jobsite.

Which concrete mix will be the most cost-effective?

Calibration of your concrete mixes enables you to assess the best mixture. Before construction work starts you can opt for the concrete mix that will be the most cost-effective for your planned cycle time.

How can you plan in advance to avoid follow-up costs?

Concremote measures continuously. If temperature differences in the structure start to go critical, you can react right away with the measures that will protect the quality of your concrete. And you have access to Concremote data as a curing log as the as-built quality-assurance records.


Save time

  • Implement shorter cycle times with certainty by measuring early strength gain of the concrete, instead of having to rely on traditional approaches and incremental test cubes
  • Switch concrete mix to optimise overall construction time
  • Remote monitoring of temperature development and strength gain can be off-site
  • Automatic notification in real-time when the concrete reaches the target value, enabling rapid initiation of critical path activities (stripping, pre-stressing, climbing, curing)
  • Digital logging of the measured data reduces on- & off -site management

Increase safety

  • Reliable quality data from the concrete structure makes for greater security in the decision making process
  • Hard data for compliance confirming quality and strength thresholds
  • Safe repositioning of the formwork in winter working conditions

Enhance concrete quality

  • Required curing time is measured for quality assurance
  • Mass concrete:
    • Heat of hydration is monitored continuously to minimise crack widths
    • Optional automatic control systems for the heating and cooling of concrete
  • Support for achieving uniform fair-faced concrete colour tones when stripping formwork at a known level of concrete maturity

Reduce costs

  • Plan cycle times in advance to cut material and labour costs
  • Shorter cycles, delivering reduced commissioning of on-site quantities
  • Validated concrete quality for reduced concrete finishing costs
  • On builds with lengthy cycle times, optimising the concrete mix helps cut costs
  • No requirement for traditional, incremental testing of cubes to establish early concrete strength

Better built with Concremote

KTM Museum

Mattighofen | Austria

ktm museum

More Safety

  • High level of process dependability with reliable monitoring of heat of hydration and strength gain despite difficult climatic conditions

Enhanced concrete quality

  • Support for achieving uniform fair-faced concrete surfaces and colour tones by stripping formwork at uniform concrete maturity

Cost reduction

  • Avoidance of concrete finishing measures
  • Detailed records and documentation as a precaution against complaints


London | England


Time savings

  • Enabling the formwork to be climbed sooner, cutting the 6-day cycle to 5 days
  • Saving of 47 construction days for the core

More safety

  • Documented as-built records for all project stakeholders
  • High level of certainty in decision making with continuous real-time data

Enhanced concrete quality

  • Monitoring heat of hydration ensures concrete quality and durability

Muskrat Falls

Newfoundland | Canada

Muskrat Falls

More safety

  • As-built records are shared with the asset owner

Enhanced concrete quality

  • Constant temperature monitoring in extreme weather conditions ranging from -40 to +20 °C
  • Prevention of temperature-induced cracking for significant increase in durability

Cost reduction

  • Avoidance of concrete repair measures

AWO Föhrenpark

Munich | Germany


Time savings

  • About 50 % time saving because of reduced build time of a full 6 weeks by delivery of a 3-day cycle

More safety

  • Early calibration of the concrete mixes meant that the best-choice concrete for the season could always be used
  • Documentation and validation towards the asset owner and for the site log

Cost reduction

  • Savings in six figures (EUR)
  • Faster stripping of formwork, therefore requiring a third less commissioning quantities – 600 m² less slab formwork per floor

residential complex

Graz | Austria


Time savings

  • Stripping time reduced to 8-10 days from the specified 28 days.

More safety

  • Complete confidence in judging when the required target strength is reached, despite winter temperatures

Cost reduction

  • Even with extreme winter weather the volume of formwork was reduced by half and limited to a single floor slab

Office building H20

Munich | Germany

Office Building

Time savings

  • Formwork stripping times reduced by 2-3 days from the specified 7-day cycle
  • Load-bearing towers stripped after 10 days instead of the specified 28 days, delivering shorter overall construction time

More safety

  • 100% confidence in judging when critical target strength of 80 % achieved

Cost reduction

  • Earlier stripping times for the slab formwork reduced the required area of slab formwork by 25%.

Universal usage

Mass concrete

Concremote The cable sensor has up to three measuring probes and is positioned on the reinforcement before the concrete is poured.


Concremote Wall The probe for the cable sensor is incorporated directly into the form-facing and repositioned together with the formwork.


Conremote Floor The slab sensor is placed on the surface of the fresh concrete after screeding.


The method for optimising your construction project

With Concremote you can plan your construction project better and no matter where you are, you have access to your real-time data at any time. So you can gauge concrete performance and initiate the necessary measures at exactly the right time.

Kreislauf en

1. Planning

Maximise benefi ts by using Concremote as soon as you start into the bidding phase and when you move on to pre-construction work. Calibration lets you simulate strength gain and temperature development for each concrete mix and ready-mix plant in advance. Which results in secure pre-construction decisions during the planning of your cycle times. You have more options for selecting a concrete mix, because you make informed decisions on fast strength development vs. high-cost mixtures or slow strength development vs. lower-cost mixtures.

2. Measurement

The digital, wireless sensors continuously measure temperature. Your concrete´s strength gain is then calculated in the secure Concremote web portal:

  • Concremote sensors with wireless data transmission are largely maintenance-free, thanks to their long-life batteries, robust design and reusability.
  • The sensors are easily and quickly installed. They are simply placed either on fresh concrete or fixed to the wall formwork.
  • The compressive strength of the concrete is calculated by using the internationally accepted maturity method in accordance with recognised standards such as EN 13670, DIN 1045-3, ZTV-ING & ACI ASTM and C 1074

3. Information & Monitoring

No matter where you are, reliable information is available 24/7 and in real-time through the web portal. You can set an alert so that you are notified automatically by text message or email when the concrete reaches the defined target strength.

4. Evaluation & Measures

The results of measurement are logged, so you have more certainty and documentary proof of quality. You have hard data to support your decisions in executing critical path activities (stripping, prestressing, climbing, curing) at their earliest possible time.

5. Learning

Utilise prior Concremote data to optimise your pricing and work flow planning for subsequent steps in the construction process and for further projects.

International Awards


  • "Excellence in Building Technology" Big Project Awards - De forente arabiske emirater


  • Staatspreis Multimedia und e-Business – Austria
  • AHK Innovation Award German Emirati Business – United Arab Emirates
  • „Most Innovative Concrete Quality Assurance System” Dossier Construction Award & Summit – Oman


  • „Leading Formwork Company of the Year” Construction Innovation Awards – United Arab Emirates
  • Wizard of Construction – Poland


  • eAward "Industrie und Gewerbe"– Austria
  • CN Award – United Kingdom
  • Category construction industry Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business-Excellence Award – United Arab Emirates
  • New Product Award ARCHIDEX – Malaysia
  • Innovation Award Bronze Batimat – France


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