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Houston, USA

12 days saving on the project

Our customer Building Concrete Solutions really enjoyed using Concremote on this project, especially the forecast function. It was used to ensure the perfect start of stressing and thus organising the workforce as well as making sure exterior resources arrived at the site just in time. This resulted in big time savings, this is why Building Concrete Solutions will be using Concremote on their next projects as well.


  • Ensuring tensioning of slabs at correct time
  • Management of the workforce

Customer requirements

  • Accurate strength requirements for post tensioning of slab required

Concremote solution

  • Calibration of the concrete mix
  • Monitoring of the slabs with Concremote slab sensors
  • The forecast option was used for every pour to help with the organising of the shift pattern for the workforce

Concremote | Save time

Time savings

12 days saving on the project.

Concremote | More Safety

More Safety

Accurate documentation for the engineer of records.

Concremote Quality

Enhanced concrete quality

Concrete quality was continually monitored during the whole project to ensure compliance with requirements.

Project data

Year of completion
Period of Concremote use
12|2021 - 04|2022
Zip/Postal Code
BCS - Building Concrete Solutions

Building data

Type of building
Super Highrise
Number of floors
17 storeys (8 storeys in concrete, rest in wood)

Concremote data

Used Concremote hardware:
6 slab sensors 2.0, 1 calibration-box cylinder
Concrete mixes in use:
Number of measurements:
19, plus 1 calibration & 2 validations

Services used

Stefan Scheuchelbauer

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