L76 Schlossgalerie Landeck

Landeck, Austria

Heavy-duty supporting system SL-1 - a rock in the surf

In the no-man's land between Fließ and Landeck, hemmed in by the mountains and the Inn, the SL-1 shoring system takes on a supporting role. The all-rounder for the tunnel consists of a stately shoring system with cross beams and angled struts where the slab and side walls meet, H20 beams and Top 50 beam formwork for the final touches. Supplied partly pre-assembled by Doka’s ready-to-use team and erected on site by the site foreman together with the site crew, the Schlossgalerie is steadily and safely taking shape. Inside the structure, which will be around 722 metres long, 74 blocks are planned for this purpose, two per week.

Uphill, Strabag is using Framax Xlife panel formwork for the stop-end formwork, while the entrances and exits are being cast with the help of Staxo 100 shoring systems, because their geometry is too individual. On the valley side, on the open gallery wall, cantilever slab, beams, piers and windows form a mixed situation, which is dealt with using Top 50 elements. Meanwhile, at the push of a button, the SL-1 formwork carriage moves from one block to the next at one metre per minute, raising and lowering itself hydraulically.

Reduction of the carbon footprint with Concremote

During the construction of the 722-metre long rockfall gallery over the L76 in the area of Landeck castle, our customer Strabag AG relied on the use of Concremote to ensure compliance with the planned stripping time of 16 hours. Thanks to the exact data, the site manager was able to dispense with a high cement content in the concrete, avoid cracks caused by excessive temperatures and significantly reduce the CO2 footprint (saving a total of 330 tonnes of CEM II cement). Selecting the optimal concrete mix also saved 35.000 EUR in costs.


  • Adherence to the planned cycle (two blocks per week)

Customer requirements

  • Required early strength for stripping 24 N/mm²
  • Movement of the tunnel formwork carriage when reaching the target value

Concremote solution

  • Calibration of 3 types of concrete
  • By optimising the concrete mix in the summer months, a cement reduction of 60 kg/m3 was possible
  • 2x Concremote cable sensor 2.0
  • 2x measuring cable with 3 measuring points = 6 measuring points per block

Time savings

Ensured compliance with the planned stripping time of 16 hours

Verbesserte Betonqualität

Enhanced concrete quality

Continuous monitoring of temperature and strength development


Cost reduction

Cost savings of 35.000 EUR due to concrete optimisation

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Saving a total of 330 tons of cement (CEM II)

Project data

Year of completion
Formwork usage on site
07|2020 - 07|2022
Period of Concremote use
04|2021 - 07|2022
L76 Landecker Straße, km 0,72 – km 1,75, Schlossgalerie
Strabag AG

Building data

Type of building
Rockfall gallery


Used Concremote hardware
2 pcs. calibration boxes, 2 pcs. cable sensors 2.0, 148 pcs. Concremote measuring cables with 3 measuring points
Concrete mixes in use
Number of measurements
45 (Latest: April 2022)

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