Load-bearing tow­er Stax­o 100

The high-ca­pac­i­ty high-speed shoring sys­tem

With its rugged steel frames, Staxo 100 is de­signed for large shoring-heights and high loads. It unites high load ca­pac­i­ty and safe­ty, in ev­ery si­t­u­a­tion.


Ex­tra high lev­el of work­place safe­ty
thanks to built-in pro­tec­tive fea­tures 

  • safe up/down ac­cess is as­sured by lad­ders with slip-re­sis­tant rungs in­te­grat­ed in­to the frames
  • in­di­vi­d­u­al safe­ty aid­ed by defined an­chor­age points for Per­so­n­al pro­tec­tive equip­ment
  • safe erec­tion and dis­mantling en­sured by "mount­ed-ahead" rail­ings
  • safe work sta­tions pro­vid­ed by scaf­fold plank­ing with and with­out man­holes

Op­ti­mised util­i­sa­tion of equip­ment
achieved by the sys­tem's very high load-bearing ca­pac­i­ty 

  • safe shoring of even very high loads, thanks to the load-bearing ca­pac­i­ty of up to 100 kN per leg
  • high sta­bil­i­ty, due to its 1.52 m wide frames

Op­ti­mum adap­ta­tion to your con­struc­tion pro­ject
made pos­si­ble by max­i­mum flex­i­bil­i­ty 

  • ex­cel­lent adapt­a­bil­i­ty to dif­fer­ent lay­outs, made pos­si­ble by vari­able in­ter-frame spac­ing of be­tween 0.60 m and 3.00 m
  • cont­in­u­ous height adap­ta­tion with last-mil­lime­tre fine ad­just­ment
  • per­fect adapt­a­bil­i­ty, even to ir­reg­u­lar lay­outs, by us­ing a sin­gle leg



Staxo 100 frames

  • extremely robust steel frames available in 0.90 m, 1.20 m, and 1.80 m height for simple height adaptation
  • built-in connectors make the system easy to set up
  • safety catches for fast and safe diagonal cross assembly
  • integral ladders with non-skid rungs
  • defined attachment points for Personal protective equipment
  • easily connected to frame tubing couplings

Di­ag­o­n­al cross­es

  • the firmly connected diagonal braces make the system quick and simple to erect
  • different lengths of diagonal cross permit flexible inter-frame spacing, for cost-optimising the load capacity
  • unmistakable length identification provided by colour-coded clips and embossed markings

Screw-jack heads and feet

  • height adjustment possible right down to the last millimetre
  • easy to operate, thanks to special thread geometry and integral fixing handle
  • can be released with minimal physical effort, even when under load

Heavy du­ty screw jack

The screw-jack extension length of up to 2 m per load-bearing tower permits optimum adaptation to changes in the level of the support base, to downstand beams and to sloping slabs.

Very high work­place safe­ty

  • 'mounted-ahead' railings for erecting and dismantling the towerframes safely when this is done with the tower in the upright
  • toeboard for safe workplaces e.g. beneath the towerframe superstructure
  • a mounting-gallows makes it easy to pull up the towerframes

Add­ed sin­gle legs

  • for easy adaptation to unusual layouts
  • continuous positioning possible up to 1.50 m away from the tower
  • optimised equipment utilisation

Scaf­fold plank­ing units

  • for safety while assembling and working inside the scaffold
  • lightweight aluminium or timber decking (width: 60 cm) with manhole and sturdy steel decking (width: 30 cm)
  • at least two decking units (60 cm) needed on each storey of load-bearing tower
  • integrated anti-liftout guard allows scaffold planking units to be added even when the load-bearing towers are pre-assembled in the horizontal


Sim­ple and fast ver­ti­cal stack­ing

  • with few individual parts for simple use
  • as connection sleeves and connecting pins are integrated in the frames
  • thanks to logical set-up sequence
  • because diagonal crosses are all clearly and unmistakably identified with colour-coded clips

Cont­in­u­ous height ad­just­ment

  • using the easy-to-operate screw-jack heads and feet for last-millimetre adjustment even when under load
  • with a 2 m jack extension length per tower when the extra-strong Staxo 100 heavy duty screw jack is used

Stair tow­er

By combining standard Staxo 100 frames and pre-assembled aluminium stairway elements, this provides safe access to high-up workplaces.

As­sem­b­ly us­ing fork­lift truck or te­le­s­cop­ing stack­er truck

with this safe and effort-saving method, load-bearing towers are safely erected and dismantled in the upright as well as repositioned

Adap­ta­tion to unu­su­al lay­outs

by combining the towers with single legs

Erect­ing towers in the up­right

with 'mounted-ahead' railings and scaffold planking units with manholes, for high safety

Fast, safe re­po­si­tion­ing

using winches, Shifting carriages TG or forklift trucks

Erect­ing towers in the hor­i­zon­tal

a safe, fast method of erecting the towers

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