Apartment Building
Penzinger street 76

Vienna, Austria

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Earlier stripping time by up to 50 %

Our customer Strabag BMTI GmbH relied on Concremote to find the earliest possible time for stripping of the relevant building elements. Approved strength before stripping enabled the team to make safe decisions and still keep the tight time schedule. Even more, instead of 3 weeks (according to standards) cycle time per floor our customer was able to reduce it to 1-2 weeks.


  • Adherence to cycle times.
  • Ensuring the load-bearing capacity/strength of the structure
  • Early stripping of the formwork for the underground parking lot, due to its use as site access

Customer requirements

  • Speed up cycle time
  • Therefore need to optimise curing time

Concremote solution

  • Calibration of 2 concrete mixes: C25/30 and C30/37
  • Monitoring of the slabs with Concremote slab sensors

Concremote | Save time

Time savings

Stripping time reduced by up to 50%.

Concremote | More Safety

More Safety

Safety in decision-making led to earlier reopening of site access.

Copyright: @BUWOG/Infinityeleven

Project data

Year of completion
Period of Concremote use
04|2021 - 03|2022
Zip/Postal Code
Strabag BMTI GmbH

Building data

Type of building
Residential building
Number of floors
9 storeys

Concremote data

Used Concremote hardware:
slab sensors 2.0
Concrete mixes in use:
Number of measurements:

Systems used

Custom-made tableform

Services used

Stefan Scheuchelbauer

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