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Trondheim, Norway

Utilisation of low-carbon concrete made easier by Concremote

Our customer Veidekke Entreprenor AS relied on Concremote to find the earliest possible time for stripping when using low-carbon concrete during wintertime. Approved strength before stripping enabled them to make the right decisions when using the novel low-carbon concrete.


  • Construction during winter
  • Low temperatures slow down curing process

Customer requirements

  • Utilisation of low-carbon concrete (CEM III-B)

Concremote solution

  • Calibration of 2 concrete mixes: B30 with Norcem Std FA (= fly ash) and B30 with Schwenk CEM III-B.
  • Monitoring of the slabs with Concremote slab sensors.
Concremote | Enhanced concrete quality

Enhanced concrete quality

Approved strength before stripping

Concremote | Save time

Time savings

Formwork stripping at the earliest possible time when working in winter conditions with low-carbon concrete

Concremote | More safety

More safety

Higher certainty in decision making when using the novel low-carbon concrete

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Efficient utilisation of low-carbon concrete thank to Concremote

Project data

Year of completion
Formwork usage on site
03|2021 - 02|2022
Period of Concremote use
10|2021 - 01|2022
Zip/Postal Code
Veidekke Entreprenor AS

Building data

Type of building
Multi-purpose building
Number of floors
7 storeys

Concremote data

Used Concremote hardware:
calibration-boxes cube, slab sensors 2.0, cable sensors 2.0 Concrete mixes in use:
Number of measurements:

Stefan Scheuchelbauer

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