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Katowice, Poland

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Securing a tight time schedule with Concremote

Concremote allowed our customer Remax Construct to find the perfect concrete mixture for multiple casting steps as a result of the calibration. So the site manager was able to choose the right concrete strength class for higher floors and for changing ambient temperature during the seasons. Concremote also enabled our customer to stick to his tight time schedule and, even more, save money by completing 16 days earlier than expected.


  • Support the cantilever storeys
  • SCP
  • Wind
  • Dokadek 30 with Concremote monitoring

Customer requirements

  • 5 days per storey
  • Automatic climbing system with windscreen system
  • Monitoring of concrete
  • Solution to support the cantilever storeys
  • Safe working environment

Concremote solution

  • 2x slab sensors
  • 2x cable sensor for SCP monitoring
  • 4x wall sensing element
Concremote | Save time

Time savings

Cycle accelerated ½ day per storey - earlier completion by 16 days

Concremote | Enhanced concrete quality

Enhanced concrete quality

No cracks caused by stripping or climbing too early

Concremote | Reduce costs

Cost reduction

48.000 € less formwork rental costs due to 16 days saved Avoidance of penalties due to no delay No cracks on concrete and thus no additional costs

Concremote | Increase safety

More safety

Every decision about stripping Dokadek panels, climbing SCP or Xclimb windscreen was based on Concremote results

Project data

Year of completion
Formwork usage on site
10|2019 - 06|2021
Period of Concremote use
11|2019 - 03|2021
Zip/Postal Code

REMAX CONSTRUCT 1 Sp. z o.o. - Piotr

Building data

Type of building
Multi-purpose Building, Highrise
Number of floors
34 floors (3 underground floors, 31 above ground floors – office and retail space)

Concremote data

Used Concremote hardware:
Concremote slab sensor 2.0 (2pcs.), Concremote cable sensor 2.0 (2pcs.), Wall sensing element (4pcs.), Concremote calibration box (2pcs.)
Concrete mixes in use:
11, mainly C30/37 CEM I 42.5 R 0,54 and C35/45 CEM I 42.5 R 0,50
Number of measurements:

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