Azuri Peninsula – Nigeria's new residential paradise on the Atlantic shoreline

05.03.2018 | Press
Lagos – In the Marina district of Eko Atlantic City in the heart of Nigeria's business capital Lagos, the Azuri Peninsula is one of the most ambitious and spectacular residential construction projects in all of Africa. Doka is supplying the automatic climbing formwork systems and the technical expertise for three residential towers on this project.


The name Azuri comes from the two words "zuri" (Swahili for beautiful) and "azure" (the shining blue of the sea). Azuri Peninsula is part of the holistic plan of the Eko Atlantic City in which we should expect over the coming years, luxury apartments, modern office spaces and large shopping centres to be built on some 100,000 m² of man-made land. The project on the Atlantic coast is currently also one of the African continent's biggest urban development projects.

Since December 2016, work has been in progress on three residential high-rises named as Orun Tower, Oban Tower and Zuna Tower, which in future will house a wide choice of luxury modern apartments. Average tower height will be 140 metres, 32 floors. The three towers together will accommodate 224 luxury apartments, twelve super-luxury complexes with two villas and ten townhouse apartments. A 5-storey platform complete with parking facilities, pools, gardens and service areas interconnects the towers. Construction work is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020.

Working closely with the high-rise specialists at headquarters in Amstetten, the Doka branch in Nigeria developed a practical formwork and safety concept adapted to the tight construction schedule and the severe limitations of the assembly space available. All this was necessary for the three-tower build.

Fast climbing and reduced crane usage
Doka's automatic climbing formwork can climb the payload along with the platforms, and on this build two units of the SKE50 plus system and one unit of the SKE50 system are helping minimise crane usage. All-hydraulic repositioning from the first pouring section upward enables craneless climbing at any time, saves on manpower and speeds up the construction process.

Each climbing assembly carries several platforms so work can proceed on various levels at the same time. This makes the cycle even shorter. On this project one floor per week is completed in 6 working days. Compliance with high safety requirements during climbing is ensured by a full enclosure, wide working platforms enclosed on all sides, and well-planned access routes. 1,500 m² of Large Area Top 50 formwork speeds up progress even more, because it is integrated on retractable frames within the platforms. In addition, given the natural weather conditions and the location of the project beside the ocean, Doka’s climbing steel parts are all galvanized, thus assuring the long lifespan of the system and investment of the contractor.

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