Doka Xsafe: Safety matters. Always.

20.04.2022 | Press
Making sure one feels completely safe is Doka’s top priority – 365 days a year. Not just on 28 April, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The Xsafe portfolio illustrates just how thoroughly and comprehensively this topic is embedded in Doka’s day-to-day work: versatile products and services that make construction sites safer every day of the year.


  • Edge protection system XP
  • Xsafe Platform system plus
  • Xsafe Edge protection Z
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Imagine going on a cycling tour with a mountain bike but without a helmet or going for a spin in a roadster without a seatbelt. It’s almost unthinkable, isn’t it? Fortunately, we don’t have to think about it: there are plenty of tools that help us make our day-to-day lives worry-free. It’s good to feel really safe and secure. It’s also good to have products and solutions that not only make the construction site safer but can also be integrated quickly and effortlessly. With Doka Xsafe, safety on the construction site is as simple and natural as putting on a bicycle helmet.

Simple and safe.
All kinds of things are needed on the construction site to ensure that everything runs smoothly – from efficient solutions to proven standards and innovative products. The most important resources for successful projects, however, cannot be reduced to quantities, Excel spreadsheets or vertical metres: we’re talking about human resources here – nothing works without manpower. So it makes perfect sense to highlight construction site safety as one of the most important issues. This can be easily implemented in practice, as Doka proves with the Xsafe product family, which comprises the company’s variable and comprehensive safety products. These innovative products protect the most important assets: people. “At Doka, the focus of all our products right from the development stage is on solutions that are not only efficient but also contribute to safety without any additional effort,” says Robert Stanek, Director Components & Safety at Doka. “With the Xsafe product family, we have created the perfect symbiosis with our existing products, making productive work on the construction site safer.”

Versatile helpers.
The Xsafe product line features a number of systems to make sure that one can work safely and effortlessly – including the Xsafe Platform system plus, the Xsafe Edge protection Z for building edges and the Edge protection system XP as fall protection for formwork, structural shells and precast concrete components. Not only are they easy to integrate – they also ensure that professionals working on the construction site are safe every single day. In combination with intelligent services and in-depth consulting on safety, Doka is offering an all-inclusive, safe and worry-free package for the construction site. After all, it feels great to know one is safe. But even greater when safety is so integrated into the construction site that one doesn’t have to think about it, right?

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