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DokaXpress 2019

The DokaXpress is our direct communication to our customers - in other words, to you! Immerse yourself in the world of Doka and find out interesting facts about our most recent projects, products and innovations throughout this magazine.

Below you will find a few highlight articles from our latest issue – visit construction sites in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden like the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki or Sweden’s biggest road and tunnel project E4 Bypass Stockholm. Furthermore, find out more about safety at Doka and get to know our new digital services.

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E4 Bypass Stockholm - Sweden

E4 Bypass Stockholm (Sweden)

A 21 km motorway bypass is being constructed to relieve traffic in Stockholm: E4 Bypass Stockholm. The bypass, scheduled for completion by 2030 doesn’t just stand out as one of Sweden’s biggest infrastructure projects: its 18 kilometres of tunnel will make it the second-longest underground tunnel in city buildings. Doka is providing the formwork equipment for four project sections.

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Helsiniki Olympic Stadium - Finnland

Helsinki Olympic Stadium (Finland)

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium is the biggest stadium in Finland. It was a venue for the 1952 Summer Olympics and is now being renovated and modernised for the third time. Doka supplied the formwork systems that helped ensure rapid progress. We also provided on-site support, particularly in the first four months of the project.

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FreeFalcon is one of the newest products related to safety. It closes the gap in the area of flexible overhead anchor points on construction sites and is the perfect synthesis of safety and freedom of movement.

This mobile personal fall-arrest system secures workers where the risk of a fall is most critical. This significantly enhances user safety without sacrificing mobility, helping to minimise the risk of falls from height.

Follobanen Norway

Follobanen (Norway)

Follobanen is the innermost part of the InterCity development southeast of Oslo, and the largest land-based project in Norway in recent times. The AF Group has started using Concremote, Doka’s Concrete maturity calculator, on one of its projects on the Follobanen, the Three-track tunnel. This, in turn, results in a one week shorter rental of formwork materials, machinery and saved manpower time.

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Naesseskoven Denmark

Næsseskoven (Denmark)

Züblin A/S is in the process of constructing a three-storey extension for a private developer on a beautifully situated plot near a forest and lake in Holte. The construction consists mainly of casting concrete with high demands on the surface, and the architectural expression is unparalleled due to its beautiful, curved concrete forms. The molds are 3D modelled and built in Austria and transported to Denmark, and the project has employed up to 11 formwork technicians during the period.

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