Formwork for Movable scaffolding system

Long, pre-stressed concrete bridges built span by span

The superstructure is built section by section without shoring, carried on launching girders that advance hydraulically to the next section. The forces are immense, so the supports are either heavy-duty load-bearing towers or heavy-duty brackets suspended from the piers. When the concrete hardens, the new section and the existing superstructure are post-tensioned together with tendons. The advancing movable scaffold always has to be supported by two piers, so the launching girders have a trailer behind and a launching nose in front.


  • used to build very long bridges to minimise assembly and reduce cycle times
  • the piers are constructed in advance
  • bridging valleys, rivers, sea straits, nature conservation areas
  • nothing to obstruct traffic (road, rail, shipping) underneath the structure
  • system formwork from Doka suitable for all the different types of movable scaffold
A11 Belgium


  • the launching girders are underneath the superstructure
  • the formwork is mounted on the launching girders
  • freely accessible from above
  • for large radii only

Top running

  • the launching girders are above the superstructure
  • the formwork is suspended from the launching girders
  • suitable for tight radii


  • the launching girders are on the same plane as the superstructure
  • formwork and launching girders are on the same level
  • more headroom underneath the movable scaffold, for example for rail or road traffic


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