Hanau-Nantenbach railway upgrade - Hain Tunnel


The Hain Tunnel is 745 metres long and runs mostly parallel with the original railway line. It consists of a rectangular frame with two cells and one track per tunnel tube. Commercially viable repositioning by crane was not possible because of the connecting rebars and the cross-pit bracing, so Doka opted to mount the Supporting construction frames on heavy-duty wheels. That made the frames easy to roll from one pouring section to the next. The middle walls were formed with Beam formwork Top100, reducing the number of form-tie points. For the top-slab formwork Doka supplied the superstructure complete with stop-end formwork carried on the Positioning unit DokaCC. The Positioning unit DokaCC was also used for the slab stop-end. Modification to the Suspension head WS10 enabled the suspension points of the platforms to be used to transfer the concrete pressure into the wall at the same time.

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Hain Tunnel
Hain Tunnel
Hain Tunnel
Hain Tunnel
Hain Tunnel
Hain Tunnel

Project data

Year of completion
Town or city
Hain im Spessart, Germany
INGBAU ABS Hanau-Nantenbach consortium

segmented construction method

Cross-sectional shape
Clear height
7.61 m
Formed length of tunnel
745 m
Length of concreting section
10 m
Number of casting sections