A16 Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

*Photographer: Frank de Roo

The 11 km long new connection between the A16/A20 at Terbregseplein and the A13 at Rotterdam (The Hague Airport) ensures that traffic surrounding local roads will soon be able to continue more smoothly and contributes to better accessibility and liveability of the region.


  • General concept for casting yard: Formwork, steel grid & reinforcement area
  • Cost-efficient reusability for both decks due to the various geometry
  • Fair-faced concrete requirements (using Self Compacting Concrete)
  • Formwork elements ready-to-use


  • One-stop-shop supplier with first application of the Doka UniKit secondary beams including new hydraulic concept and reuseable tailor-made solution for the reinforcement area
  • Universal formwork sets reusable for both decks with minor modifications
  • Designed formwork for high pressure with Xface plywood for external formwork
  • Pre-assemby of formwork elements in Doka Netherlands - Ready-to-use Service

Following benefits resulted out of our BIM planning:

  • Exact positioning of Top50 elements according to inclination of bridge structure
  • Immediate collision check of Top50 elements
  • Easier definition of needed special steel parts for connections
  • Instant information of needed material by automated count
  • Better solution communication to customer by showing 3D model
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Project data

Year of site completion
De Groene Boog Construction V.O.F.

Building data

Construction method
Incremental Launching Method
Construction Type / Segmentation
Cross section
single box cross section with inclined webs
Section height
Section width
15.8 m / 19.7 m
Section length
30.5 m
Nb. Of sections