Large-area formwork Top 50

The large-area formwork for all shapes and loads

Large-area formwork Top 50 is a 'con­struc­tion kit' large-area formwork sys­tem that is pre-as­sem­bled on a pro­ject-spe­cif­ic ba­sis and is de­signed to ac­com­plish many very di­verse types of task. The shape, size, tie-hole pat­tern and form-fac­ing of the el­e­ments can be adapt­ed to suit any re­quire­ment.


Ex­e­cu­tio­n­al re­li­a­bil­i­ty
re­sult­ing from pro­ject-spe­cif­ic de­sign 

  • ful­fils any ar­chi­tec­tu­ral re­quire­ment, as there are no re­stric­tions on the choice of form-fac­ing and tie-hole pat­tern
  • per­mits any pour­ing rate, as it can eas­i­ly be di­men­sioned for any fresh-con­crete pres­sure

Fast, ef­fi­cient work­ing
thanks to op­ti­mised formwork so­lu­tions 

  • cuts equip­ment costs by al­low­ing high num­bers of re­peat us­es
  • cuts labour costs by fa­cil­i­tat­ing short forming-times
  • min­imis­es the craneage re­quire­ments be­cause of its large, op­ti­mised shift­ing units

thanks to pre­ci­sion pre-as­sem­b­ly by the Doka Pre-as­sem­b­ly ser­vice 

  • per­fect joint pat­tern thanks to the ex­act el­e­ment joints
  • time and space sav­ings at the site
  • no fin­ish­ing-work need­ed, as the el­e­ments fit ex­act­ly
  • spe­cial so­lu­tions for bridge, tun­nel and in­dus­trial con­struc­tion

Com­pre­hen­sive work­place safe­ty
with com­pat­i­ble lad­der­ways and work­ing plat­forms 

  • safe ver­ti­cal ac­cess with the Lad­der sys­tem XS
  • work­place safe­ty on all sides with the Platform sys­tem Xsafe plus
  • prac­ti­cal accessories – such as pan­el struts, lift­ing/re­po­si­tion­ing de­vices etc. – make for safe, easy han­dling of the formwork



Top 50 in de­tail

The Doka formwork beams H20 (1) and the steel walings (2) are spaced closer together or further apart, depending upon what loads are expected. The form-facing (3) is freely selectable, to meet widely differing requirements.

Formwork built by Pre-as­sem­b­ly

The individual parts of the Top 50 system can quickly be assembled into site-ready elements by means of easy-to-use connecting devices: this saves on assembly costs. Having the elements pre-assembled ensures top-quality, meaning precision element joints and a first-class joint pattern, even with challenging geometries. For high numbers of repeat uses, fielding Large-area formwork Top 50 pays off even more.

Free choice of form fac­ing and form-tie pat­tern

With the Top 50 system, key architectural specifications can be fulfilled.


Fair-faced con­crete

Because it can be used with any form facing and adapts to any shape of structure, Large-area formwork Top 50 is particularly suitable for forming concrete that has to meet stringent specifications regarding its surface finish (i.e. fair-faced concrete).

Out-of-the-or­d­i­nary fa­cades

Domino ESP Berne, Switzerland

Sharp edges, smooth sur­faces

City-Tunnel, Leipzig, incl. underground stations, Germany