Danube Flats

Vienna, Austria

Austria's Tallest Residential Tower:
A New Landmark in the Sky

In Vienna's Danube City district, the towering presence of Danube Flats, the tallest residential tower, has left an indelible mark on the city's landscape. Standing at a height of 180 meters with 48 stories and 600 apartments, this project is regarded as an exceptional achievement of engineering and architecture.

To realize a project of this magnitude, a reliable partner with expertise in various fields was required. The executing contractor, Granit Bau GmbH, has selected Doka as its executive partner for formwork solutions.

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Building type
Residential building

Construction of a high-rise building in minimal time, considering customer-specific requirements.

Overall solution for the construction of the core, the safe working on the slab edge and the preparation of temporary storage areas for the repositioning of formwork material.

further project data

Improved work environment and faster construction progress with Doka complex solutions

To ensure a safe job site at a greater height, the Xclimb 60 Protection Screen was utilized. To make the construction process more independent and faster, the core walls of the building were constructed using the Xclimb 60 climbing formwork and the Framax Xlife framework formwork system, without first having the respective floor slab poured. Additionally the Doka Loading Platforms with load capacity of 5 tonns were used to optimize the logistic, the material transportation and storage on the floors.

Thorsten Kirchweger

Thorsten Kirchweger | Product Manager | Doka GmbH

"The first test for our new, rentable Doka Loading Platform has been passed! This was confirmed by the Danube Flats site team. A total of 6 platforms, distributed over several floors, are helping to optimize materials logistics. The fact that the loading platform is delivered to the job site ready for use and can be set down to the structure without any loss of time was particularly emphasized.“

Project data

Year of site completion


Vienna, Donaustadt

Büro 01 Architects

S+B Gruppe & Soravia Group

Construction company
Granit Bau GmbH

Building data

Construction period
2019 - 2024

Typical floor height

Formwork height

Building height

Number of pouring steps

Cycle time
14 days/floor