Overflow basin Buzău


This jobsite is a strategic objective and a large-scale hydrotechnical project to protect the Bridge over the Buzau River in Mărăcineni.

The project involves the complex arrangement of the Buzău riverbed with 2 overflow basins with inclinations of 26.5 ° and 44 °.

To create the common geometries of the raft, the Frami Xlife system was chosen, both for economic reasons and because it can be easily handled manually, in a location where the installation of lifting equipment was problematic.

For the inclined overflow basin structure, supporting construction frames were chosen because this system can be easily adapted to the particular geometry of the structure.

The challenge for this project was to create the overflow basins with inclinations that required a formwork that allows:
• To realize a geometry according to the project
• The ability of the formwork to take horizontal and vertical loads from the concrete pressure safely and with minimal deformation
• Formwork units that can be easily handled and reused from one geometry to another
• Inclined supporting construction frame for which Doka proposed an original solution
• Detailed plans for planting and positioning clear anchors for the builder.


Project data:

Town, county:
Mărăcineni, Buzău county
Project duration:
3 months
Year of completion:
Construction type:
Overflow basin

Tehnical details:

Length overflow basin: 51.30 m
Width overflow basin: 15.70 m
Raft thickness:: 1.00 m
Step height: 1.5 m
Concrete volume:
2,500 m³