Framed formwork Frami Xlife

The crane-in­de­pen­dent man­han­dled steel-framed formwork for foun­da­tions, walls and columns

The lightweight Frami Xlife formwork, with its stur­dy hot-dip gal­vanised steel frame, is ide­al for fast and eco­nom­i­cal forming, with or with­out a crane.


Can be put to use quick­ly, any­where
thanks to its many prac­ti­cal de­tails 

  • handy steel-framed formwork for foun­da­tions, walls and columns
  • easy to man­han­dle, yet stur­dy enough for large-area forming, al­so with a low-load crane
  • its wide range of dif­fer­ent ty­ing op­tions short­ens forming-times
  • its self-align­ing pan­el con­nec­tors mean that no ex­tra stif­f­en­ing re­in­force­ments are re­quired

be­cause of its out­s­tand­ing sys­tem at­tributes 

  • high num­bers of re­peat us­es made pos­si­ble by its ex­cel­lent man­u­fac­tur­ing qual­i­ty and ex­tra-durable Xlife-sheet
  • ex­ten­sive safe­ty and work­place accessories such as plumb­ing accessories, work­ing plat­forms and self-align­ing pan­el con­nec­tors
  • small­er num­ber of (ex­pen­sive) clo­sure zones, due to the con­sis­tent 15 cm in­cre­ment grid
  • ef­fi­cient forming of shafts aid­ed by seam­less con­nec­tion to Framax strip­ping corn­er I
  • long lifes­pan achieved by qual­i­ty hot-dip gal­vanised steel frame

Easy han­dling and plan­n­ing
thanks to prac­ti­cal pan­el size-grid 

  • the in­ge­nious­ly co-or­d­i­nat­ed pan­el widths, and the fa­cil­i­ty for cont­in­u­ous­ly height-mis­match­ing the pan­els, per­mit op­ti­mum adap­ta­tion to any struc­ture
  • Uni­ver­sal pan­el with hole grid makes it easy to form columns, stop-ends and wall junc­tions
  • hav­ing on­ly five pan­el widths makes for easy plan­n­ing and forming, and ef­fi­cient lo­gis­tics
  • with a high-pres­sure wash­er, fi­nal and in­ter­me­di­ate clean­ing is easy, thanks to the pan­els' hot-dip gal­vanised frames and stur­dy timber-plas­tic composite sheets

Su­perla­tive con­crete re­sults
thanks to the sys­tem's ex­tra-rugged build 

  • clean con­crete fin­ish from the high-grade Xlife sheet with its plas­tic-en­hanced sur­face
  • the in­ge­nious­ly co-or­d­i­nat­ed pan­el for­mats per­mit a neat joint pat­tern even when com­bin­ing up­right and hor­i­zon­tal pan­els
  • the high-load-ca­pac­i­ty formwork sheet and stat­i­cal­ly op­ti­mised frame pro­file fa­cil­i­tate plane con­crete sur­faces
  • the neat neg­a­tive frame-im­prints in the con­crete min­imise any fin­ish­ing-work

Com­pre­hen­sive work­place safe­ty
with com­pat­i­ble lad­der­ways and work­ing plat­forms 

  • safe ver­ti­cal ac­cess with the Lad­der sys­tem XS
  • work­place safe­ty on all sides with the Frami pour­ing platform
  • prac­ti­cal accessories – such as pan­el struts, lift­ing hook etc. – make for safe, easy han­dling of the formwork



Log­i­cal sys­tem grid

  • logical system grid in heights of 1.20 m, 1.50 m, 2.70 m and 3.00 m, and widths of 30 cm to 90 cm, in 15 cm increments, for optimum adaptability to the structure
  • 75 cm or 90 cm wide Universal panels with hole grids for stop-ends, outside corners and columns
  • larger gang-forms can be stiffened with aligning clamps or universal walings, allowing them to be repositioned quickly and easily by crane

Hot-dip gal­vanised frames, Xlife sheet

The frames of the panels are made of hard-wearing hollow steel profiles and are torsion-proof with no need for any extra stiffening. Their premium hot-dip galvanised finish gives them a particularly long lifespan. The Frami Xlife sheet delivers high numbers of re-use cycles, with outstanding concreting results. Its special surface structure prevents splintering and swelling caused by nail-holes.

Frami clamp

Just one blow of the hammer on the Frami clamp is all it takes to pull the panels together and achieve a flush, correctly aligned panel joint that is resistant to tensile forces.

Cont­in­u­ous height mis­match

The continuous hardware slot in the frame means that the Frami clamp can be fixed anywhere on the frame. Because of this, the panels can be continuously height mismatched, i.e. without any pre-defined grid. This means that the formwork can easily be accommodated to e.g. steps, slopes and uneven ground, with no extra work.

The Frami Xlife universal panels permit right-angled corners up to wall thicknesses of 60 cm, in a 5 cm grid.

Obtuse and acute-angled corners are formed using the galvanised Frami hinged inside corners.

With its 15 cm clamping range, the Frami adjustable clamp exactly matches the panel size-grid. This means that only one closure is needed per wall plane.

The Frami anchoring bracket relocates the top form-tie above the panel, which makes it easier to strike off the concrete.

Foundation anchoring system consisting of a flat tie-rod and a foundation clamp, for wall thicknesses of between 10 cm and 80 cm in a 5 cm grid – without any ties placed through the concrete and without any supporting timbers.

The bottom of the panel is fixed by foundation clamps and by a perforated tape with a 5 cm grid.


Po­lyg­o­n­al cir­cu­lar formwork

The circular forming plate extends the applicational range of the panels to take in polygonal curves: an economical solution where the curve of the wall does not need to be strictly circular.

Room-high pan­els

The panels' robust constructional design and asymmetrically arranged form-ties allow even 270 cm high panels to sustain the full hydrostatic concrete pressure.

Only three form-ties are needed per 300 cm height of panel.

An extensive range of accessories ensures safety during pouring, even for room heights of 2.70 m or 3.00 m that are poured in one continuous operation.

The special hole-grid of the 75 cm and 90 cm wide Frami Xlife universal panels makes them suitable for economical forming of stop-ends, outside corners and columns.


Placed on their sides, Frami Xlife panels are ideal for cost-saving forming of foundations.

High-speed shaft formwork

Using profile adapters, the Frami Xlife panels can easily be combined with the Framax stripping corner I