Ghencea Stadium


The upgrading of this stadium was scheduled to be finished to host UEFA Euro 2020 football championship. The arena has a capacity of over 30,000 seats, an area of 82,000 square meters and meets the criteria imposed by UEFA.

For this project, the following Doka systems where used: for the 17 meters high columns Framax Xlife formwork system; for the foundation the Frami Xlife system and to make the inclined columns, the TOP 50 system.

Doka Staxo 40 proved its practicality as a fast and versatile loadbearing tower, when used for supporting the prefabricated elements (step beams) for on-site pouring the joints of the precasted elements, as well as for supporting the formwork for the racker beams casted/poured on-site.


Town, county:
Project duration:
16 months
Year of completion:
Construction type:
Recreation, Sports
Construcții Erbașu (main) – Concelex – Terra Gaz Construct
82.000 sqm