US 181 Harbor Bridge Replacement

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

A new bridge is under construction in the town of Corpus Christi, Texas, to cater to the increased traffic volume. After comple-tion the Harbor Bridge and its connecting roads will amount to 10.36 kilometres, making it the longest cable-stayed bridge in the United States and the third-longest bridge of this type in the world. The span will be 506 metres, which represents the length of five and a half football pitches. The pylons will soar to a height of 164 metres. Doka convinced by means of its reliable ability to deliver the products as well as a coherent overall solution for all phases of the infrastructure project. Because of the complexity of the structure, some of the planning was carried out in 3D to arrive at a satisfactory solution.


The challenge was to come up with a way to reuse the same formwork from pour to pour with continually changing geometry. The upper and lower pylons were very different shapes requiring two unique designs. The primary pylon structures have a unique geometry that narrows and angles at the same time. A reusable system was needed that would have minimal changes between pours. Doka worked with the customer to collaborate on the formwork designs, and ensuring that the final solution was exactly what was required


Doka used large-area formwork Top 50 as well as hydraulic climbing formwork SKE50 and SKE100 platforms. The platform system was designed with telescopic platforms that adjust to the changing pylon shape. Doka helped the contractor with the schedule because there was minimal rebuild between pours. Doka also saved crane time due to the hydraulic lifting systems employed.

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Project data

Year of completion
Project duration
began in early 2018 - 2020
Corpus Christi
Flatiron Dragados JV

Building data

506 metres
10.36 km
Height of pylons
164 m