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Long-distance runners, slalom specialists, boxers, footballers – they all have one thing in common: they use music to keep up the pace. It is the beat that lets them move with ease and agility and pushes them to top performance. Think of a song that motivates and encourages you, a beat that puts a smile on your face and instantly makes you tap your feet. This is what it means to be upbeat.

The scenario on a construction site is similar. The beat sets the tempo. This is where we come in. We want to drive the construction industry and set the tempo for increased productivity with our digital services. Always with our users in mind: the sole intent is to support them in their jobs. This is our way to establish a flow in building projects and utilise new potentials.

This is upbeat construction – digital services for higher productivity

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  • VDC / BIM with Doka

    VDC / BIM with Doka


    Intelligent connectivity, reliable planning and significant time savings are essential benefits provided by the BIM method. We enable 3D design of formwork-related structural data in Revit and Tekla incl. export of 2D Plans and parts lists, 4D simulation of construction progress of defined work stages and much more. All the above results in less implementation planning effort due to the direct export from BIM and a maximum clarity in the subsequent process.

  • DFDS Formwork Planning

    DFDS Formwork Planning


    Exact planning is the basis for fast and safe forming operations. Now you can make planning easy as a breeze with Doka Formwork Design Software 9, the professional tool for optimal formwork planning on the site. Included: Tipos 9, DokaCAD9 for AutoCAD, Piece list Editor 9 and Beam Statics 9.

  • Easy Formwork Planner

    Easy Formwork Planner


    Create formwork plans including 3D views and piece lists, directly at the construction site via smartphone and regardless of the available engineering capacities. Easy Formwork Planner is specifically designed for small to medium-sized construction projects, and provides valuable support in case of short-term changes. Additionally, the Easy Formwork Planner provides a direct link to the Doka online shop.

  • Doka-Tools-App



    Time-consuming, labour-intensive methods of calculating the optimum equipment quantities are now a thing of the past. With Doka Tools you can plan wall and floor formwork: it takes just a few seconds to optimise the components for Dokaflex and to work out the permitted rate of placing and maximum fresh-concrete pressure during pouring.

  • myDoka customer portal

    myDoka customer portal

    Procure and manage

    First-class digital customer service. The portal myDoka offers our clients 24/7 access to project and site-specific data – from the comfort of your PC or tablet. myDoka is convincing with its ease of handling, security of confidential data and opens up an ideal interface with the Doka team.

  • Yard Management Service

    Yard Management Service

    Procure and manage

    YMS is a transparent inventory management platform with smart interfaces towards modular selectable classical services. YMS features all position and movement data of owned and rented equipment for efficient material planning and disposition in real-time. This way YMS allows for a well-structured overview of all operating equipment at site, project and company levels.

  • Online Shop

    Online Shop

    Procure and manage

    Buying or renting online is fast and easy. With our own online shop we leverage the potential offered by digitization in e-commerce and allow our customers to access our online products at any time with commonly used devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) and operating systems. Additionally, customers receive an up-to-date overview of products, their availability and prices, as well as recommendations for necessary accessories and add-ons.

  • Doka Contakt

    Doka Contakt


    A new dimension in stage planning. Doka Contakt lets you plan pending stages precisely at a daily and weekly level. Sensor systems on the formwork allow for immediate comparison of the actual and target status. For the first time team performance can be quantified by means of site-related real-time data analysis. Decision-makers can use this information to achieve optimum utilisation of their crew and operating equipment, thus realising their maximum potential.

  • Concremote



    Concremote uses sensors to measure concrete temperature and calculate strength development in the concrete element. In this way it is possible to determine the best possible concrete mixture and the earliest possible stripping time. Data from Concremote allows for a significantly faster building progress and in doing so supports you in implementing your projects in a cost-efficient way.

  • Smart Pouring

    Smart Pouring


    Smart Pouring is an app for optimising the entire concrete process. It ensures that the right concrete is installed into the designated component and provides comprehensive documentation of the entire process from the initial order through to the actual pouring.

  • Doka Augmented and Virtual Reality App

    Doka Augmented and Virtual Reality App


    Many languages are spoken on construction sites but everybody understands 3D. The Doka AR/VR app gives builders a virtual view of their construction project and the formwork systems used. Customers get a better understanding of complex tasks, foremen explain the daily goal with an interactive 3D model. This is how we make structural drawings come to life.

  • Remote Instructor

    Remote Instructor


    Remote Instructor is a software solution developed especially for the construction industry to support real-time collaboration on the site. The system uses intelligent video calls to provide live support from anywhere, increases the availability of Doka experts, reduces downtime and consequently leads to cost savings on your construction site. The ability to set markers thereby highlighting specific details simplifies communication when faced with more complex problems.

  • Assembly Buddy

    Assembly Buddy


    Virtual Assembly Instructions that serve as a step-by-step guide to a technically correct assembly of Doka formwork. Thus, the Assembly Buddy allows even site staff with less experience to assemble formwork solutions properly and quickly.

  • Verification Buddy

    Verification Buddy


    An app for digital control and documentation of formwork assemblies. Object recognition is used to check formwork elements, connecting parts, props and safety-related facilities for correct assembly. The result: significant reduction in the rate of errors, fewer delays and improved safety.

  • DokaXact - the formwork positioning system for vertical structures

    DokaXact - the formwork positioning system for vertical structures


    DokaXact - the first interactive wireless formwork positioning system helping site crews to achieve fast, easy and highly precise building of highrise structures with concrete cores.

  • Doka Manuals

    Doka Manuals


    Not everyone is able to put 150 years of formwork experience on his resume. This is why we developed Doka Manuals, a nifty app encompassing of assembly instructions and technical background information about everything to do with Doka formwork systems. In this way the information needed is always at hand, can be shared with colleagues / customers and explained in graphics (e.g. animations) even when there is no internet connection.

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What is the average volume of your construction projects?
Are you working with 3D structure models?
Do you engage with the topics of digitization and lean construction?
Do you mainly work with self-employed personnel or subcontractors in formwork?
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