Pan­el floor formwork Dokadek 20

The er­go­nom­ic pan­el floor formwork for resi­den­tial build­ing con­struc­tion

Dokadek 20, the beam-less hand-set formwork with coat­ed frame and in­te­grat­ed plate sup­ports er­go­nom­ic forming. The sys­tem is de­signed for floors up to 25 cm thick and floor heights up to 3.30 m.


Safe work­ing con­di­tions
as a re­sult of op­ti­mised sys­tem prop­er­ties 

  • be­cause pan­els can be safe­ly set up from ground lev­el
  • in­te­grat­ed form-fac­ing makes the pan­els easy to dis­man­tle
  • in­fill zones with open­ings up to 13 cm are safe­ly and quick­ly closed with the dou­ble alu beam tec-2
  • built-in an­ti-liftout guard for work­ing safe­ly
  • high-lev­el work­place safe­ty thanks to com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with the Edge pro­tection sys­tem XP

Er­go­nom­ic work en­vi­ron­ment
due to min­i­mal sys­tem weight 

  • re­duced sys­tem weight per square me­tre en­sures high ef­fi­cien­cy for forming and strip­ping
  • mi­nor work-strain as the max­i­mum weight to be lift­ed by any work­er is 17 kg
  • back-friend­ly work­ing with pan­els that are eas­i­ly tilt­ed up from ground-lev­el
  • very limit­ed amount of work per­formed above shoulder-lev­el dur­ing forming and strip­ping

Rapid con­struc­tion progress
thanks to re­duced set-up and take-down times 

  • high forming rate thanks to 2 m² large pan­els
  • fast formwork set-up as hard­ly any crane-time is need­ed
  • ef­fi­cient so­lu­tions for in­fill zones de­liv­er time-sav­ings


Dokadek pan­els

The galvanised, yellow coated steel frame of the panel with formwork sheet is long-lived and permits many reuse cycles. The panels are available in sizes 1.00 x 2.00 m and 0.66 x 2.00 m.

Dokadek sup­port head

The standard head for holding the panels firmly. The integral anti-liftout guard prevents any of the panels accidentally falling off, and makes extra precautions (such as wind bracing) unneccessary.

Floor prop Eu­rex top

Floor prop with impact protector

  • durable, due to impact protector
  • easy-to-turn adjusting nut, thanks to special thread geometry
  • less physical effort needed because the prop is lightweight
  • operational safety achieved by consistently high load capacity of at least 20 and/or 30 kN in accordance with EN 1065 – Class D/E


Easy, back-friend­ly work­ing from ground-lev­el

The working posture is usually upright – with Dokadek 20 frequent bending down and inserting panels from above are a thing of the past. Even the panels are stripped without laddering, strenuous overhead work is reduced to a minimum.

Pre-defined as­sem­b­ly se­quence

The clearly defined assembly sequence prevents the crew from attempting dangerous improvisations and ensures a consistently high safety level – even when semi-skilled labour is deployed. With Dokadek 20 there is no need to dimension the system in advance thanks to the number of props and the way they are arranged.

Clos­ing in­fill zones is easy with the dou­ble alu-beam tec-2

Infill zones with openings up to 13 cm are safely and quickly closed with the double alu-beam tec-2.

Rail­ings from the Doka edge pro­tection sys­tem XP

Dokadek 20 is fully compatible with the Doka edge protection system XP. This brings an added dimension of safety.