Floor formwork

Doka floor forms score for their diversity and their adaptability to widely differing construction tasks. No matter whether your slab areas are large or small, straightforward or complicated, with Doka you can be sure of working‚ on the safe side.

  • Panel floor formwork Dokadek 30

    Panel floor formwork Dokadek 30

    Floor Formwork

    Dokadek 30 is a beam-less, hand-set formwork sys­tem de­signed as a lightweight steel struc­ture with yel­low coat­ed frames faced with timber/plas­tic-composite sheet­ing. Dokadek 30 com­bines the ad­van­tages of a pan­el floor formwork sys­tem with those of Dokaflex floor-slab formwork: its 3 m² large pan­els make it fast in typ­i­cal zones, yet – thanks to Dokaflex – it is quick and flex­i­ble in the in­fill zones as well. Dokadek 30 – with or with­out drop head: the evo­lu­tion of floor-slab formwork.

  • Dokaflex


    Floor Formwork

    Dokaflex is the timber-beam floor formwork for all kinds of lay­outs. Meet­ing in­di­vi­d­u­al re­quire­ments re­gard­ing the con­crete fin­ish is no problem, as any type of form-fac­ing can be cho­sen. Two Dokaflex de­sign ver­sions are avai­l­able for use to meet your pro­ject re­quire­ments.

  • Dokaflex table

    Dokaflex table

    Floor Formwork

    Dokaflex ta­bles are easy and prac­ti­cal to set up and can be shift­ed and adapt­ed very quick­ly. This makes them a cost-ef­fec­tive and ef­fi­cient way of car­ry­ing out large-area slab pro­jects. Dokaflex ta­bles can of course be com­bined with Dokamatic ta­bles.

  • Dokamatic table

    Dokamatic table

    Floor Formwork

    The in­no­va­tive­ly de­signed Dokamatic table is the fast way to form large ar­eas of slab. The sys­tem is op­ti­mised to give short forming-times, and copes well with vary­ing struc­tu­ral-de­sign and ge­o­met­ri­cal re­quire­ments. Save on man­hours and crane time: with the 'DoKart plus', the ta­bles can eas­i­ly be trav­elled to their next lo­ca­tion by just one man work­ing on his own.

  • Dokaflex 30 tec

    Dokaflex 30 tec

    Floor Formwork

    Dokaflex 30 tec is a hand-set formwork sys­tem for floor-slabs that scores for its low costs-per-use. Used as a pri­mary, the high-load I tec 20 formwork beam al­lows the props to be spaced much fur­ther apart. As less equip­ment is used for the same area of formwork, the sys­tem takes 15 per­cent less time to set up, and the equip­ment and lo­gis­tics costs are al­so low­er.

  • Panel floor formwork Dokadek 20

    Panel floor formwork Dokadek 20

    Floor Formwork

    Dokadek 20, the beam-less hand-set formwork with coat­ed frame and in­te­grat­ed plate sup­ports er­go­nom­ic forming. The sys­tem is de­signed for floors up to 25 cm thick and floor heights up to 3.30 m.

  • Shifting devices for tables

    Shifting devices for tables

    Floor Formwork

    With Doka shift­ing de­vices, slab-forming op­er­a­tions can be ac­com­plished even faster. By mak­ing the crane un­ne­ces­sary for both the hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal re­po­si­tion­ing op­er­a­tions, they sim­pli­fy and op­ti­mise the lo­gis­tics for the en­tire site, by do­ing away with un­pro­duc­tive (mean­ing cost­ly) wait­ing times. The craneage saved here is then avai­l­able for use else­where. This ac­cel­er­ates the en­tire site work­flow, sav­ing on labour costs and boost­ing the con­trac­tors' com­pet­i­tive­ness.

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