Bridge edge beam formwork T

The fast man­u­al bridge edge beam formwork

Bridge edge beam formwork T is made up of a very small num­ber of dif­fer­ent parts. Its high load-bearing ca­pac­i­ty and low dead weight make it a con­vinc­ing so­lu­tion.


Great flex­i­bil­i­ty

for op­ti­mum adapt­a­bil­i­ty to wide­ly dif­fer­ing can­tilev­ered para­pets 

Sim­ple and quick to ad­just, thanks to

  • the gener­ous­ly di­men­sioned ad­just­ing range of the Bridge edge beam bracket
  • the cont­in­u­ous, last-mil­lime­tre height-ad­justa­bil­i­ty of the Bridge edge beam sup­port

High ef­fi­cien­cy

for fast con­struc­tion progress 

Used most ef­fi­cient­ly on

  • short­er su­per­struc­tures
  • medi­um-length bridges with a small num­ber of re­po­si­tion­ing cy­cles
  • bridges with tight radii and com­pli­cat­ed cross-sec­tions

Very great horizontal and vertical flexibility is what sets the easy-to-handle Bridge edge beam formwork T apart.