Tun­nel sys­tem DokaCC

Ef­fi­cient Tun­nel formwork for cut-and-cov­er con­struc­tion method

The mo­d­u­lar Tun­nel sys­tem DokaCC is used in cut-and-cov­er con­struc­tion method to form rec­tan­gu­lar or round tun­nel cross-sec­tions quick­ly and with few­er ma­te­rials. The ap­pli­ca­bil­i­ty on all com­mon types of foun­da­tions pro­vides ad­di­tio­n­al ben­e­fit in terms of ef­fi­cien­cy.


High­ly cost-ef­fi­cient
due to op­ti­mised sys­tem de­sign 

  • few shoring frames thanks to stat­i­cal­ly op­ti­mised load sys­tem
  • re­duc­tion in tem­po­rary foun­da­tion ex­pen­di­tures thanks to the op­tion of trans­fer­ring loads in­to wall foun­da­tions
  • low­er labour costs due to few­er op­er­at­ing sta­tions

High safe­ty
in all stages of the job 

  • pro­ject-spe­cif­ic de­tail plan­n­ing by Doka En­gi­neer­ing
  • hor­i­zon­tal pre-as­sem­b­ly and safe par­al­lel-truss erec­tion ow­ing to screwed and tight­ly bolt­ed con­nec­tions
  • safe up.down ac­cess thanks to built-in lad­ders with lad­der cage
  • high lev­el of safe­ty against wall foun­da­tion tilt­ing and slid­ing thanks to op­ti­mised V-shaped strut an­gles
  • safe op­er­a­tion of stop-end formwork due to large-area work­ing plat­forms
  • safe pas­sage through lon­gi­tu­d­i­nal gra­di­ents up to ten per­cent us­ing hy­draulic drive

Rapid work­ing
thanks to site-com­pliant sys­tem de­tails 

  • re­duced as­sem­b­ly ex­pen­di­tures on site thanks to low num­ber of shoring frames
  • de­liv­ery of pre-as­sem­bled units to site leads to short­er as­sem­b­ly times
  • sim­ple lift­ing, low­er­ing and fine ad­just­ment forming wagon op­er­a­tions us­ing hy­draulic re­po­si­tion­ing and lift­ing de­vice
  • quick forming and strip­ping of formwork pan­els us­ing me­chan­i­cal and ful­ly-hy­draulic strip­ping so­lu­tions
  • easy open­ing and clos­ing for stop-end formwork due to con­ve­nient glid­ing mech­anism


In­no­va­tive sys­tem de­sign

  • system can be used on all foundation types
  • forming wagon geometry allows for wide opening for passage
  • loads are conveniently introduced into wall foundations
  • no additional expenditures for foundations required

Less ef­fort spent on as­sem­b­ly

  • fewer individual components and shoring frames
  • pre-assembled units
  • faster assembly accelerates overall construction process

Op­ti­mal load trans­fer

  • optimised diagonal strut angle
  • relatively minor forces are introduced into the wall foundation
  • added safety against tilting and sliding of the wall foundation


Rapid and easy lift­ing op­er­a­tions

Operations such as lifting, lowering and fine adjustments to the forming wagon are easy with the hydraulic lifting device. The innovative design ensures that the forming wagon remains securely on the rails without derailing even during lateral shifting. The result is accelerated progress since the forming wagon can be lowered directly onto the rails from any position.

Con­ve­nient stop-end formwork

  • large-area platforms allow for adequate stripping paths
  • stop-end formwork is convenient and quickly opened and closed
  • easy to operate sliding mechanism readily exposes joint tape

High work­place safe­ty

  • Forming wagon DokaCC can be combined with proven Doka safety systems
  • best-possible protection for site crew