Alu­mini­um formwork beam

Alu box beam – the lightweight, ex­tra-high-load-ca­pac­i­ty alu­mini­um beam for ma­te­rials-op­ti­mised job­site use

The in­no­va­tive cross-sec­tion of the Alu box beam gives it a high load rat­ing, per­mitt­ing op­ti­mised equip­ment us­age on the site. The in­te­grat­ed nail­ing strip and the end-to-end fix­ing slot en­able the beam to be re-used in­ten­sive­ly, and give it a long lifes­pan.


High load ca­pac­i­ty
achieved by in­no­va­tive beam cross-sec­tion 

  • per­mitt­ed bend­ing mo­ment M = 14.9 kNm
  • per­mitt­ed shear force Q = 23.2 kN
  • rigid­i­ty E x l = 729 kNm²
  • weight = 7.3 kg/lin.m
  • over­all height = 17.5 cm

Cuts costs
by re­duc­ing the num­ber of items need­ed 

  • up to one-third few­er floor props for floor slabs, as wider beam-spans are pos­si­ble
  • up to 50 per­cent few­er pri­mary beams in the su­per­struc­tures of ful­ly load­ed 10 kip shoring towers or Staxo 100 load-bearing towers, thanks to high load ca­pac­i­ty
  • op­ti­mised site lo­gis­tics and low­er freight costs, as few­er items are need­ed

Long lifes­pan
thanks to high man­u­fac­tur­ing qual­i­ty 

  • high num­bers of re-use cy­cles made pos­si­ble by wear-re­sis­tant alu­mini­um
  • the in­te­gral end-to-end fix­ing slot pre­vents da­m­age to the beams
  • in­te­grat­ed, high-grade plas­tic nail­ing strip makes it easy to fix formwork sheet­ing