System components - Formwork

One of the fundamental things our formwork systems are based on is their site-proven components. Doka system components are designed for long lifespan, maximum efficiency and the utmost workplace safety. Sharpen your competitive edge by using high-performance Doka forms.

  • Floor props

    Floor props

    System Components

    Doka floor props are the right choice for ev­ery us­age si­t­u­a­tion, and a stur­dy 'sup­port' in the rough-and-tum­ble of ev­ery­day work on the site. The an­ti-hand­trap and an­ti-dropout safe­guard, forged nut, gal­vanised fin­ish and er­go­nom­i­cal­ly shaped fas­ten­ing clamp are just a few of the fea­tures of th­ese pre­mi­um tubu­lar steel props that have con­vinced cus­tomers all over the world.

  • 3-ply sheets, formwork sheets

    3-ply sheets, formwork sheets

    System Components

    Doka 3-SO three-ply sheets pro­vide the ba­sis for many Doka formwork sys­tems and have a wide range of us­es.

  • Formwork beams

    Formwork beams

    System Components

    Doka timber formwork beams are the ba­sis for many Doka formwork sys­tems and have a wide range of us­es. Hun­dreds of thou­sands of th­ese care­ful­ly man­u­fac­tured beams do ster­ling ser­vice on count­less con­struc­tion sites ev­ery day. The H20 ­top and H20 e­co beams are fa­miliar names all over the world, and are the right choice for any ap­pli­ca­tion.

  • Concremote


    System Components

    Mea­sur­ing the strength de­vel­op­ment of the con­crete di­rect­ly, us­ing Con­cre­mote, per­mits bet­ter ma­n­age­ment of the forming and CIP ­con­cret­ing op­er­a­tions.

  • Multi-ply formwork sheets

    Multi-ply formwork sheets

    System Components

    Doka mul­ti-ply formwork sheets are used in very many Doka formwork sys­tems. The broad spec­trum – rang­ing from Doka­P­ly to the Xlife sheet – al­lows Doka to of­fer ide­al so­lu­tions for many dif­fer­ent re­quire­ments and cater for any­thing from in­fill zones to fair-faced con­crete.

  • Release-agents


    System Components

    Doka of­fers re­lease-agents for both smooth and ab­sor­bent formwork sur­faces. They have an ex­cel­lent se­parat­ing ef­fect and make for at­trac­tive con­crete sur­faces.

  • Plumbing accessories

    Plumbing accessories

    System Components

    Doka pan­el struts and plumb­ing struts wind­proof the formwork and make it easi­er to plumb and align. The mo­d­u­lar com­bi­na­tion of plumb­ing struts, prop heads and prop shoes makes for op­ti­mum us­a­bil­i­ty with Doka formwork sys­tems.

  • Form ties/Suspension cones

    Form ties/Suspension cones

    System Components

    De­pend­able form-ties and safe sus­pen­sion points are cru­cial for ef­fi­cient and safe us­age of any formwork. For both wall formwork, sin­gle-sid­ed formwork and climbing formwork, a com­plete range of field-proven form-tie so­lu­tions and sus­pen­sion points is avai­l­able.

  • Multi-trip packaging

    Multi-trip packaging

    System Components

    Mul­ti-trip pack­ag­ing items such as containers, stack­ing pallets and skele­ton tran­s­port box­es keep ev­ery­thing neat and tidy on the site, min­imise the time wast­ed search­ing for parts and stream­line the stor­age and tran­s­port of sys­tem components, small items and accessories. The stack­ing pallets sim­pli­fy the stor­age and han­dling of floor props, folding tripods, formwork beams and sheets. The skele­ton tran­s­port box is the tidy way of stor­ing and han­dling lighter accessories (max. load 700 kg). For heavi­er accessories, there is plen­ty of space for th­ese in the Mul­ti-trip tran­s­port box (max. load 1500 kg).

  • Aluminium formwork beams

    Aluminium formwork beams

    System Components

    The in­no­va­tive cross-sec­tion of the Alu box beam gives it a high load rat­ing, per­mitt­ing op­ti­mised equip­ment us­age on the site. The in­te­grat­ed nail­ing strip and the end-to-end fix­ing slot en­able the beam to be re-used in­ten­sive­ly, and give it a long lifes­pan.

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