Plumb­ing accessories

The tried-and-test­ed struts for plumb­ing and se­cur­ing Doka formwork sys­tems

Doka pan­el struts and plumb­ing struts wind­proof the formwork and make it easi­er to plumb and align. The mo­d­u­lar com­bi­na­tion of plumb­ing struts, prop heads and prop shoes makes for op­ti­mum us­a­bil­i­ty with Doka formwork sys­tems.


High safe­ty

from hav­ing the formwork re­li­ab­ly se­cured 

  • wind forces are safe­ly trans­ferred, thanks to op­ti­mised load ca­pac­i­ty over en­tire ex­ten­sion length
  • safe, fast an­chor­ing in the base slab us­ing the re-use­able Doka ex­press an­chor

Fast plumb­ing and fix­ing

thanks to easy han­dling 

  • quick con­nec­tors make them easy to fix to the vari­ous dif­fer­ent formwork sys­tems
  • Quick height ad­just­ment us­ing num­bered peg­ging holes – fine ad­just­ment is then done via a thread

Long lifes­pan

thanks to high man­u­fac­tur­ing qual­i­ty 

  • rugged build and gal­vanised sur­faces make for high num­bers of re­peat us­es
  • con­cealed thread pro­vides ef­fec­tive pro­tection against soil­ing
Doka express anchor

Fast, dependable fixing of panel and plumbing struts with the Doka express anchor

plumbing struts

Pre-cast walls are supported and aligned quickly and safely with the plumbing struts.

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