Form-ties and sus­pen­sion cones

Safe ty­ing and an­chor­ing tech­nol­o­gy for all formwork tasks

De­pend­able form-ties and safe sus­pen­sion points are cru­cial for ef­fi­cient and safe us­age of any formwork. For both wall formwork, sin­gle-sid­ed formwork and climbing formwork, a com­plete range of field-proven form-tie so­lu­tions and sus­pen­sion points is avai­l­able.


Eco­nom­i­cal, down to the last de­tail

by be­ing easy to mount and of high man­u­fac­tur­ing qual­i­ty 

  • rapid pour­ing is pos­si­ble thanks to the high load ca­pac­i­ty of Doka tie-rods
  • Doka's com­plete range of accessories – with e.g. dis­tance pie­ces, jack­et tubes and an­chor­ing cones – avoids ex­tra pro­cure­ment work
  • on sin­gle-sid­ed formwork, the con­crete pres­sure is safe­ly trans­ferred in­to the con­crete base slab by Doka stop-an­chors and Doka pig­tail an­chors

Safe sus­pen­sion points

pro­vid­ing a de­pend­able link be­tween the struc­ture and formwork 

  • for safe work­ing on tall struc­tures
  • on work and pro­tection plat­forms such as the Folding plat­for­m K
  • on climbing and au­to­mat­ic climbing formwork
  • on dam formwork


Anchoring technology for wall formwork

Efficient with Doka

When forming walls, anchoring makes up a large portion of the labour costs. This is where Doka tie rod systems pay for themselves. They have a long lifespan, are easily assembled and resistant to soiling. As a result, you work faster and safer and save money in the process.

 Doka tie rod system

Safely anchoring with just two system components

With Doka's super plate you can fix and release any anchor point very quickly using the only tool needed, a hammer. Doka tie rods are made of a special steel alloy and therefore have high tensile strength. A self-cleaning thread ensures rapid fastening, regardless of site conditions.

Doka's super plate

Anchoring for single-sided formwork

single-sided formwork

Keeping single-sided formwork firmly in its place

With single-sided formwork, high concrete pressures must be transferred into the concrete base slab reliably. Doka supporting construction frames combined with Doka stop anchors and Doka pigtail anchors safely absorb these forces.

Anchoring with stop anchors

Anchoring with stop anchors

Depending on load, the Stop anchor 15.0 or Stop anchor 20.0 can be used for anchoring.

Anchoring with pigtail anchors

Anchoring with pigtail anchors

Depending on load, the She-bolt 15.0 is used in combination with Pigtail anchor 15.0 or She-bolt 20.0 with Pigtail anchor 20.0.

Reliable solutions for tight anchor points

Form-tie points are only watertight if there is good bonding between the concrete and the jacket tubes or anchoring components left in the concrete. Doka supplies anchoring components that create an outstanding bond with the concrete.

Design variants - Tie rod system 15.0

Water stop G 15.0

Water stop G 15.0

Water stop connector 15.0

Water stop connector 15.0

Water stop 15.0

Water stop 15.0

Fibre concrete tube 22mm

Fibre concrete tube 22mm
Water stop connector 15.0Fibre concrete tube 22mmWater stop G 15.0Water stop 15.0 or Water stop S 15.0 (sulphate-resistant)Distance piecePlastic tube 22mmExpendable Tie rod 15.0 with 2 anchor cones

Safe suspension for Doka climbing systems and Doka Safety Systems


Universal climbing cone

The Universal climbing cone is suitable for all Doka climbing and dam formwork. Together with the stop anchor and the Cone screw B7cm designed for high tensile forces, it creates a solid connection between the previously poured casting section and the formwork.

Safe suspension for all Doka climbing and automatic climbing systems and dam formwork

Doka offers reliable system solutions for working safely on tall structures. In all systems, the sturdily dimensioned universal climbing cones ensure the solid connection between structure and formwork.

Arbeits- und Schutzgerüst

Working and protection platforms assembled quickly and safely

Various economical suspension variants are available for attaching Doka folding platforms and Doka bracket platforms. You benefit: work progresses rapidly and you can be confident in terms of safety.