Mul­ti-trip pack­ag­ing

For im­proved lo­gis­tics on the site

Mul­ti-trip pack­ag­ing items such as containers, stack­ing pallets and skele­ton tran­s­port box­es keep ev­ery­thing neat and tidy on the site, min­imise the time wast­ed search­ing for parts and stream­line the stor­age and tran­s­port of sys­tem components, small items and accessories. The stack­ing pallets sim­pli­fy the stor­age and han­dling of floor props, folding tripods, formwork beams and sheets. The skele­ton tran­s­port box is the tidy way of stor­ing and han­dling lighter accessories (max. load 700 kg). For heavi­er accessories, there is plen­ty of space for th­ese in the Mul­ti-trip tran­s­port box (max. load 1500 kg).


Equip­ment and labour-cost sav­ings

for ev­ery pro­ject 

  • fast load­ing and un­load­ing of sys­tem components, small items and accessories
  • eas­i­ly shift equip­ment to where it is next need­ed, by crane or with bolt-on cas­tors
  • safe­ly store equip­ment in stacks, even where space is tight


Stacking strap 50 Alu

Stacking strap 50 Alu

for safely transporting formwork sheets and panels max. tensile force: 40 kN

Crane attachment points top

Doka multi-trip transport box (l), max. load capacity: 1.500 kg and Doka stacking pallet (r), max. load capacity: 1.100 kg

Doka accessory box

Doka accessory box

max. load capacity: 1.000 kg

Alu-Framax pallet

Alu-Framax pallet

max. load capacity: 1.200 kg, as-delivered state: folded, e.g. for 8 panels 0.75 m x 2.70 m

Doka skeleton transport box

Doka skeleton transport box

max. load capacity: 700 kg

Frami pallet


max. load capacity: 800 kg

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