Framed formwork Framax Xlife plus

Framed formwork with tie rod sys­tem that can be op­er­at­ed from one side for max­i­mum built-in speed

The cen­tre­piece of the new Framed formwork Framax Xlife plus is the Framax Xlife plus form tie. It can be op­er­at­ed from one side and saves up to one third in forming and strip­ping time. Due to its con­i­cal shape, there is no need for jack­et tubes and cones. In­no­va­tive: Form-tie sleeves are com­plete­ly sealed with­out wear­ing parts.


Short­er forming times

  • the Tie rod sys­tem Framax Xlife plus can be op­er­at­ed from one side, of­fer­ing sav­ings of up to one third in forming and strip­ping times
  • faster forming as some of the tasks have been elim­i­nat­ed, e.g. cutt­ing and fitt­ing of jack­et tubes and cones
  • less time spent search­ing as the form-tie 'park­ing' po­si­tion is right at the form-tie point

Low­er costs

  • one-sid­ed an­chor­ing re­quires on­ly one per­son
  • no jack­et tubes and cones need­ed
  • no wear­ing parts as form-tie sleeves cre­ate a steel-on-steel seal for form ties
  • up to twelve per­cent few­er form-tie points on the 2.70 x 2.70 pan­el through 2 x 135 cm rather than 2 x 120 cm in­flu­ence width
  • high num­bers of re­peat us­es made pos­si­ble by the ex­treme­ly durable Xlife sheet
  • long lifes­pan thanks to steel frames that are hot-dip gal­vanised in­side and out
  • pro­tection of equip­ment as form ties are opened and closed us­ing a ratch­et

Easy han­dling and plan­n­ing

  • easy plan­n­ing and forming, and ef­fi­cient lo­gis­tics be­cause of op­ti­mised num­ber of pan­el types
  • in­ge­nious­ly co-or­d­i­nat­ed pan­el for­mats help make op­ti­mum use of formwork com­mis­sion­ing quan­ti­ties
  • easy to com­bine hor­i­zon­tal­ly and ver­ti­cal­ly
  • er­ror-free form-tie sett­ing by util­is­ing all form-tie points

At­trac­tive con­crete fin­ish

  • con­sis­tent joint pat­tern thanks to co-or­d­i­nat­ed pan­el for­mats — even with ver­ti­cal/hor­i­zon­tal com­bi­na­tion
  • cen­tral­ly ar­ranged form-tie points re­sult­ing in sym­met­ri­cal form-tie pat­terns
  • no screw im­prints in the con­crete, as the formwork sheet is at­tached from the rear


One-sid­ed Tie rod sys­tem Framax Xlife plus 20.0

The Framax Xlife plus form tie is particularly compact and keeps both sides of the formwork safely in place. It takes only one person to thread it through the large form-tie sleeves from the side of the closing formwork and screw it into the built-in form-tie nut of the holding formwork on the opposite side.

Re­li­able wall thick­ness sett­ings

Once set, wall thickness remains reliably intact — even after stripping. Accelerated work progress as there is no need for re-aligning. Wall thickness is set by way of grooves in the form tie that are arranged in a 5-mm increment-grid.

In­no­va­tive steel-on-steel seal­ing

No need for costly and time-consuming replacement of wearing parts as form-tie sleeves create steel-on-steel sealing for form ties.

No search times

Thanks to its 'parking' position at the form-tie point, the form tie is readily at hand.

Few­er jobs dur­ing dis­as­sem­b­ly

Without the need to remove the integrated form-tie nuts I in the holding formwork, panels are stacked even faster and easier.

Per­fect­ly co-or­d­i­nat­ed pan­els

Horizontal stacking with only a few standard panels thanks to square-shaped basic element. The well thought-out system logic creates a well-arranged form-tie and joint pattern no matter the panel combination.

  • optimum use of formwork commissioning quantities
  • Framax Xlife plus panels 3.30m allow for forming great room heights without stacking