Fewer sheet joints: XXXL-format 3-SO sheets

01.10.2012 | Lehdistö
Until recently, the large-area sheets available for use on formworks requiring small numbers of joints have tended to be smooth-surfaced ones. In cases where both vibrant wood-structured surfaces and harmonious sheet-patterns are required, joint-reduced formwork elements can now also be faced with the new extra-wide XXXL format sheets 3-SO.


  • The new, extra-wide, large-format 3-SO sheets make it possible to cast joint-reduced architectural surfaces with a fine wood structure.
  • With the new, extra-wide, large-format 3-SO sheets, it becomes feasible to cast fair-faced concrete surfaces with a small number of joints and fewer joint-related ‘shoulders’.
  • 3-SO formwork sheets from Doka make it possible to achieve vibrant surfaces, with a fine wood structure.
A familiar and well-proven product on countless sites over the years, the bright yellow 3-SO formwork sheet is an ÖNORM B 3023-compliant 3-ply formwork sheet made of spruce that is designed to deliver an even concrete surface with a uniform, slightly wood-structured appearance. It provides dependable quality for many repeat uses and first-rate concrete results, at a favourable price/performance ratio.

Alongside the existing dimensions in widths of 50 cm and 100 cm, the low-absorbency 3-SO formwork sheets are now also available in the XXXL-formats 250x125, 300x150 and 600x150 cm. These make it feasible to form fair-faced concrete surfaces with a small number of sheet-joints and thus fewer joint-related ‘shoulders’. The sheets have high dimensional and angle accuracy and are uniformly coated with urea melamine resin adhesive.

The 3-SO sheet is typified by the following attributes:
• robust, for repetitive re-use with better endurance behaviour than plywood (especially regarding twisting)
• highly bending-resistant in the longitudinal direction, yet with low weight
• low-absorbency sheet surface for uniform concrete faces with normal pore formation and a light concrete colouration
• the wood-grain pattern means that any textural interruptions in the concrete surface are less visible than with smooth formwork sheets
• insensitive to nailing, drilling and cutting, with no need to re-seal the places affected
• relatively low swelling, no rippling

The low-absorbency 3-SO formwork sheets in the XXXL-formats 250x125, 300x150 and 600x150 cm are available from Doka as of now.

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