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Box Culvert Traveler form proven to roll

03.01.2011 | Doka USA
The Florida Everglades are currently undergoing the largest environmental restoration project ever in the United States. One of the requirements of this project is to allow the water to flow from man-made canals back over the open landscape as it once did. To accomplish this, the use of cast-in-place culverts will be implemented to allow water to flow underneath elevated roads and berms.


  • Box Culvert Traveler
In order to achieve the anticipated outcome, a fully rentable Box Culvert Traveler solution comprised of Doka Frami formwork, is allowing the contractor to cast the walls and elevated deck as a single-pour concrete shell. The concrete shell is 8 feet-by-8 feet, with casting lengths of 50 feet per pour. Southwest Construction Services, Inc. is the concrete contractor for this part of the Florida Everglades Restoration project. They have been highly satisfied to see how fast the culvert is stripped, moved and reset into position for subsequent pours. Butch Gilarsky, Superintendent, found the 54-foot long box culvert easy to set up and move in less than a minute, allowing him to get in, set rebar and prepare for the next pour. With the need to allow water to flow from man-made canals to the open landscape, the Box Culvert Traveler form is ideal. The system is fully rentable and because of its simple design, it is capable of rolling from pour to pour in minutes.

The Everglades Restoration project began in March of 2010 and will include several different restoration projects for completion. Building on their success in Florida, Doka has already secured a second project in California. With the Box Culvert Traveler’s built-in flexibility, this new project will utilize Framax as the form of choice to construct a 15-foot wide double barrel box. The system is now jobsite tested, and all details have been worked out to handle a variety of applications




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