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Doka establishes Safety Network

18.10.2011 | プレス
Safety is one of the Doka Formwork Experts’ core competences. Present in more than 70 countries, Doka’s globe-spanning sales organisation is familiar with the safety standards in every single one of its markets. To provide pathbreaking added value in all safety issues, Doka will be using the forthcoming A+A Safety Fair in Düsseldorf to launch the Doka Safety Network (DSN). With this networked information platform about construction-workplace safety, Doka aims to support its clients as a high-calibre partner in all safety issues.



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On-site safety = competitive advantage

It’s only when you feel safe, and don’t always have to worry about putting a foot wrong, that you can concentrate on the job and perform at your best. Obvious, really – and something that needs to be taken much more seriously in construction, where the occupational accident rate is twice as high as in other sectors. Because quite apart from the human suffering and loss of value-creation, many other costs are incurred as well, ranging from sick-leave to legal consequences which may even include work on the site being stopped altogether. This is why Doka has long given top priority to making its formwork systems safe and easy to use.

What is more, study after study has shown that on safe jobsites, people work faster. This helps speed up the construction workflow and gives Doka clients a demonstrable competitive edge. The old objection to installing safety systems is that it “means more work”; Doka has made this objection ever less relevant by developing quick and easy-to-operate safety innovations for every type of forming assignment.

Sharing experience with international experts

The company also has all the right contacts in the safety sector. With the Doka Safety Network, it has created an international platform where customers, safety specialists, labour inspectors and official bodies can meet, find information and exchange news and views on the latest issues relating to on-site safety. All members will benefit from the information, publications and innovations that the network will provide, giving it a high utility value: As well as the latest Standards, codes and legislative amendments, it will also be spotlighting various aspects of labour law, for example. As a special highlight DSN will give users the opportunity to exchange experience directly with the best experts in the field: online, in person, across borders and across disciplines. ‘All-round safety’, so to speak. You now can sign up with the Doka Safety Network at any time, on


第20回 建築・建材展

04.03.2014 | ニュース

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