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Climbing formwork K

The crane-jumped formwork assembled from a Folding platform K and a formwork element

The climbing formwork system for structures that need the formwork elements to be moved up in several casting sections. With only two accessories, the Folding platform K can be turned into a fully functional crane-jumped formwork directly on the site.


Safe working conditions

in all phases of the work 

  • safe working conditions provided by fully railed-in 1.80 m wide working platform
  • dependable suspension points, with certified suspension cone and lift-out guard for the brackets

Easy to handle

saving time and resources 

  • the tiltable formwork elements allow the formwork to be closed and opened quickly with no need for a crane
  • less crane-time needed, as the folding platform and formwork are moved up in one single lift
  • simple adjustment options for precise horizontal and vertical alignment of the formwork

Highly cost-efficient

due to the combination of the Folding platform K and wall formwork 

  • time and cost-savings from using pre-assembled platforms
  • lowers manpower costs because the formwork can be closed and opened without waiting for the crane
  • wide choice of formwork, as the platform can be combined with either framed or timber-beam formwork

The Folding platform K can be combined with any Doka wall formwork system to make the versatile Climbing formwork K, using only two accessories (a suspended platform and connection shoes).